pics from Ebay :D

Beautiful pics avaible for purchase at Ebay.Com for those of you who want those, it's just to click in on the page and buy it :=) i will soon buy lot's of things from ebay with Lesley-Anne Down 6 dvds and some magasines are my plan for now. just don' have time yet for it. I have almost bought every movie that the great actress have ever done. i will soon put up a pic of the great movie and serie collecion i háve with her <333 It is so great to collect eveything in the world with one thing you really like or adore :)

Pics from The Book of Guniess Records since Jackie and all the other caracters won the price of worlds most populary Soap opera ever made :)
I love those pics, she goes around in morningclothes thats so charming, and she looks so sweet :) wish i could spend a day with you soon :)

This is a pic i wont ever forget!! you may all know at this point in life this is the best pic ever made of LAD i have never seen a more beautiful pic than this. This was the very first pic of LAD i saw :) since i was born thats one of the reason i love it so much! ♥♥♥♥♥

wow a toTALLY NEW PIC :D from ebay :D

A amazing pic of LAD

WOW amazing new pic i totally LOVE it!


Hi guys!

My school starts tomorrow and i will be away as usual but this year we are thinking of buying internet fro my studenthome so soon i will nbe able to blog eveyday before bed isn't that AWESOME!!! take care everyone! and yeah my english need a bit refreshing! ><

I love U LA!!!


I lost something for a couple of days ago and for that im so sad :( i lost the game! i did my everything and did loose anyway!

And now even if im not satisfied i wanna thank Gea Vermeulen for her kindness and help with the Fanclub, LEsley-Anne Down and Gea VErmeulen and Don E Fauntleroy is working so great together! and they make our day! they pay so much attention to us fanclubmembers that it aces in our heads! THis is something other people dream of with their idols, and for us LADfans the dream has come through! We are such involved in Lesley-Annes Life that i sometimes wake up and just think a bit for myself this can't be reality?! but it is! and i think we all are wery greatful for that and a BIG THAK YOU!
From Lesley-Annes FB The two sweet ladies LEsley-Anne and Gea :D

NEW pixs




I am so busy! all the TIME!!!!! i have never time for this blog i hate you all! no i was kidding i hate MYESELF!!!!! i miss you people! Keep following this blog and i will make time!

Made by Jordan :D awesome :D

new pic from thew hunchback of notre dame :D

OMG wondeful new pics!



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