I have been awake for almost 48 hours im sick of this!


 I will leave for Uppsala soon :) i have been very kind to all of you ;) this weekend! Take care / Rebecca

Sunset Beach Also known as SB ^^

I Try o keep my promisses so that's why i own you this pic from SB

This is from Dells Death á very beginning part in the whole show ;D
This banner i made actually L;) what you think?
This pic is lovely i totally love it!!! nice light, a perfect look at eachother and Lesley-Annes Hair is perfect and so is thew face ;D and pose.

This under below is also some of my favourites 
This pic is amazing they both look like angels in that dresses and with those faces ;D The pose is also exellent on both pics
 Well o close for now, look forward to publish more tomorrow if i ever get the time, the bunch of studies are way high :( / take care everyone/ kisses and hugs/ Rebecca

Hello the one who comment "without a name or addres"

Hello this is to the one who comment my blog today! Thank you for your comment i appreciate it ;D ♥
and thankxs for likeing the pics and the blog :)
I would love you to leave E-mail because then you can make whises of pics and i can answer comments ;D Yes Sunset Beach was also my favourite, i never missed one episode! ANd that's amazing because the show was going on like forever!!! I have lot's of more from the show but will publish some more later this night becasue i wont sleep this night i have so much to study so i will stay Up and at the same time be active with the blog :) so more Sunset Beach will come this night if i dont get so tired i can't stand to stay up! I have interwiues by articles and magasines to share if you like? or what do you mean :)
 I can share some from SB before i go and watch a movie =)


A pic of me and my dog for those who wonder;) you can talk to me at Facebook Rebecca__91@hotmail.com and comment the blog, and make wishes about what kind óf pics you would like me to upload have a nice weekend / RebeccaI forgot to tell you that i will write more on the blog when i have more time over and aren't in such a hurry, i have lot's of studies and thing to do so that's why i onlu publish pics and no text

PICS FROM Over the line :O a great MOVIE


I'll publish more from Sunset Beach another day :)

Pics from Klarissas FB ;)

Some new beautiful pics from a friend of mines FB hope she wont mind, i didn't find these first this time like she did ;)

 They were really beautiful right? i really like these new pics of LAD she is so gorgoues for her age. And she got a cute son and husbund. I got the newsletter from lesley-Anne the weekend that was, ;) did you to get it`?



New pics but not new 2010 :)

And a big pic of me ;)
And a pic of me ;D

Hi girls and boys.

So many test and schoolstuf i can't make time for this blog sorry!! i know you hate me for that!!!! will try make it up for you later on.'

The pics where from The Last day of pomeii from EBAY.com and the last one also from ebay but not from the movie. i totally love the last pic it's totally new for me, never seen it before ;D

Snow Chaos ^^

Would have been published on Tuesday ^ ^

What a week I had!

First trip from Uppsala with 677 to Norrtälje went at a snail's pace for nothing would happen wise anyway ^ ^ Just as I left Uppsala began to storm

At first I was briefly interviewed by Norrteje tidningn about what it's talking about right now, inside the bus station, I was of course interviewed x) THEN Friday or anything pops I'm probably in the newspaper for interested x)

I think the picture was entitled "ugly" gone in a snowstorm before the image was haha.

Then I sat and Malin inside the station had been generally dull o o listened to a bunch of drunks who commented on everything and everyone including me when I did not hear, they commented on my back inside the stn view all fun ^ ^. I hear it from malin when I came back after attt have been submitted to the press agency a quickie, then on the way out checked out the people certainly in gaaah!

Then I went home and the bus was pretty close to drift errors in a turn, but continued the trip went well.

When jah got home, I ran around and screamed in panic, one can say for when I peered into my beloved Rabbit's cage was the cage covered with four inches snow, I am not exaggerating!! and the rabbit lay down with the entire back covered with snow and looked to have given up in total, there were some of the scariest moments behind me had, had several hours passed, she could be dead if no one saved her, rabbits tolerate, although very cold but our rabbit is very old and her body language was definitely not hi I live = D rather hi I'm dying: O felt like life was hanging loose on one topic so the panic and stress, I got very clean cage it was FUCKING COZY: D: D: D got also be covered ...

IT WAS ORDENLTIG SNOWSTORM:-o had a major panic that 677an would not go the next morning when I had the obligatory speech: O test, test mice and skolkatalog to collect: O: O: OP

Many buses that got stuck in traffic but io of learning was sick o I could go home earlier I did not have to go when everyone else got stuck, I had been stuck lucky I did: D

night, we did not talk about! And finally i have some pics new of LAD to share ;) from Ebay.com
 I Miss you LAD!!!

Halloween Photo 2010

From Lesley-Anne Downs facebook.



I had a bad day yesterday i had to face a moment i rather died than live throuhg, but now it's all over and i never need to feel that empty again, she's gone, i miss her so much, i wish she was here with me now, i Know she is, but i would love to meet her in real life again, I miss my grandmother so deep, and to go to that horrible place again without her made the place like a hell. I didnt hate to go there until she passed away and i needed to go there myself.

this is a animation from the movie Death Wish V The face of death 

Images on LAD pregnant with Jack and her ex-husband William on the wishes of Nadege

Images on LAD pregnant with Jack and her ex-husband William on the wishes of Nadege

I don't know exactly wich pic she is carrying Jack, but i suppose she must carry him at some of the pics under. Well at least she is pregnant i hope you get satisfied anyway :) also some pics of her exhusbund sorry LAD :( Also i know you proberly meant you wanted pics from the wedding with William but i only had pics of them without marrying, i just read your mail once again, so no sorry there has not showed up any pics from the wedding yet. When i find i'll let you know and also the rest of blogfollowers, i think we all wanna see :)

 Thank you for your whises!!!

If anyone of you got imageswishes just let me know and i'll upload that kind of pics of LAD i have all kinds ;)
My E-mail:
where you also can concat me at facebook with.

Hope you like the pics Nadege ;) i'll keep post more of it if i find more :)
Also i let you know when i find one weddingpic because i look in every corner and this far noone has showed up sorry.. can ask her friend GEA :)

My personal blog

Hello all LaDfans i have dezided to start the blog about me again, i wont give it as much attention as this blog, but will try blog some times a week. =) please start follow both of the blogs :) i will give you the address when i ahve start it up again :)

It's just one HELL of a problem, the blog about me wont be on english im sorry for that, maybe i will try make it both on swedish and english but it takes more effort then, so maybe you can just look at the pics but i will think of it and dezide later wich languages the blog will be on.

I don't remeber how to change the design on my own blog so i will be stuck with the one i'v allready got.

New pic ♥

Hello dear LADfans how are ya?
Im fine have been shopping in Stockholm wich is a place near my home, im there a lot! i had a really nice time with my sister and friend Erik. We were there for many hours. And now im at home and will be studying, that's also one of the reasons i can't chat with you at FACEBOOK please try to understand this time it's a test that will matter a lot for my future to take care of animals. please contact me and talk to me by messages or e-mails. have a really greeat evening.  ANd btw doesnt she look gorgoues on this pic?

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