I lost my angel Haren, she's in Heaven now.. ='( ♥♥♥ R.I.P

Hi! Just wanted to share the tradgic news that made the delay... I lost my dear bunny Haren, Haren is in heaven now, all familymembers were around until she took her last breath! She was 10 and her body gave up, she's with Kurre now ♥ rest in peace my baby you will always be my miracle! ♥ She was very, very old to be a rabbit, and that shows how great we have raised her, my poor sweet baby!!! Her body started to crash on 20 april 2011 and on 21 april we decided to let her go, because we didn't want it to goo worser wich would mean she would suffer before die. It was a horrible decicison, i love her with all my heart, she meant life for me. It's like i can't and don't even know how to live a life without her. My dog means that much too me to. I got Haren when i was 9,5 years old and today im 20, it's a lifetime.. And i have been so sad so this blog will have a break for now, cause i need time to grief ='( have lot's of new pics, but ï'll share some of them by the group i started on Facebook "Lesley-Anne Down "The queen of films and soaps" so u can see more there until im ready to share much again on this blog.. ill let u know when i update again. I miss my bunny so, so much!!!!Please pay some thoughts or RIP for her!!! by comments, it means so much for me and Haren!!! ♥♥♥ 
The pic says:
Our lovely
Haren Lillharen Johansson
31 december 2001 
Has today i
n great grief and loss has left us
Norrtälje 22 april 2011
Rosanna and Kristian
Johanna Josefin
Sven-Erik Kerstin´
friends and family.
Loved Missed
The funeral takes place in the circle of the next

OMG THE most beautiful pic of Lesley-Anne EVER!!!

I just found the most beautiful pic of Lesley-Anne Down i have ever seen, my whole life!!!! she is so damn cute, that even i would love and like to kiss her ;D ♥ GORGOUES!!!!! This is such a model!!!!!
She looks like an angel ♥♥♥ My angel!!!

NEW pics found by Vail! ♥

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