1 year anniversity for the funeral i had for my grandmother the 19 february 2010 ♥ Miss you a lot!!!

New lovely pics of the great actress LAD without makeup, still so beautiful, maybe even more!!!

New lovely pics of the great actress LAD without makeup, still so beautiful, maybe even more!!! this kind of pics, are those i love the most, pics that arent prepared are always those who get's best result!!! Thank you my friend that gave me this link!!!! Pics from the simply days off from work, those i love, the more private the bettter ;D i think i can see her dearest George behind ;)


2 new movies im so happy!!



Posted on the website:
New Movie
Don is producing a movie Rosewood. Victor Salva is directing the movie. Lesley-Anne will have a part in it. They start Shooting in March.

Lesley-Anne Downs FacebooK:
"Victor salva. Jeepers creepers. directing me in movie. Rosewood lane. Nick chartir. Hurt locker is exec producing. Stay tuned xoxo"

B&B's 6,000th Episode

Here are some lovely new photos of LAD from the event with COstars
Im usuallt the one LADfan finding all new pics first, because i used to sit and search for all brand new items, but latly i have been sooooooo busy so i load up pics other fans from FB have find before me, when i get my time back i will be qiuck again with finding ;D

Check out the latest items from Botique at

For sale if you like to buy :D great new items, i haven't even seen them before :O Lovely pics of a lovely lady!
Now i think i need to sleep, have a great night or morning for those of my/lads fans that live in other countries! ♥

¨HI! VERY VERY SORRY FOR DELAY; just because of it i own you some new pic!

I wont have so much time for this blog right now, i will keep post pics and that all weeks, but in june i will have lots of more time, because then my school is over forever can you believe it :O the school takes ALL of my time :( just because it's the last year, its much to study then This is a scary pic from North and south, the pic says eveyrthing, i kind of like it even if it's a horrible moment.

Clippings from ebay

I totally love this picthure from B and B ;D

It's MY birthday!!!

If you care about me and this blog please comment and tell me! ♥ im now 20 years old! i feel old allready :O

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