Lesley-Anne Down leaves The Bold And The Beautiful! No renewing contract!

Lesley-Anne Down leaves The Bold And The Beautiful! Bradley Bell wrote her of contract!

This weekend was hatched new rumors of Lesley-Anne Down's personal website to Bradley Bell decided to write to Lesley-Anne from the contract, her contract was not renewed, the rumor has now become very large and several web sites for great discussions, very many upset and shaken fans around the world, Lesley-Anne has chosen to go out more about this later, but is optimistic on the whole...."When one door closes, another opens", you could quote from the website! This is not totally unexspected, recently Brandon Beemer who played with Lesley-Anne Down and also was very famous in the show, was also off contract, seems right now like B&B removes all the maincaracters that was with from the start and lots of totally new and young actresses and actors are now joining the show and totally destrioing the old "B&B... If B&B keeps this way, the show will hit end..

My personal thoughts about this is: OMG you might find someone younger and newer, but hello?????? You will never find a better SoapOperaDramaQueem than the one and only Lesley-Anne Down, very famous from lots of huge soaps! I'm in such a shock i've been overthinking about this for days! I could proberly make a whole novel out of this on my blog, because i really have huge and upset/angry thoughts about this!!!! But i have to go now, so lets save that for next time... Anyway this is very horrible! If you wannat join and help Bradley Bell understand what he really just did, write him an e-mail with your thoughts about him taking Lesley-Anne off contract!!! Please help us! The more, the better chanse to win the queen back to the show! No B&B without or LOvely LAD!  Also look at this video of memories with LAD as Jackie in B&B! and join the group to make Lesley-Anne come back to the show, the group is just made for us to show Bradley how important Jacki is to us!!!, so joins will come when it's spread! Tell your friends to also join this group, we have to show Bradley what he just did!  Here is Email/adress Joke found, you can write to..
And write to Bradley Bell for more storylines for LAD.
Bradley Bell
7800 Beverly Boulevard #3371
Los Angeles, CA 90036


JOIN THIS GROUP IF YOU WANT JACKIE BACK!!! "Bring Lesley-Anne Down our "Jackie" Back to The Bold And The Beautiful!!!"


This following photos, belongs to different pages...

It's goodbye to both these caracters!

Blog takes early weekend Will be in Gavle this weekend!

Will visit Skutskär / Gavle this weekend that will start pretty early for me this week, Will be gone on a cruise and have fun all weekend! The blog will not be updated any, have a good weekend everyone will speak with you and seen on Monday when the blog is back again! Love Ya!

From a swedish magasine!

Banners MADE BY ME!!!

New article from LesleyAnneDown.Com

From a magasine!

The blog has a totally new look!

What u think? Please E-mail me at Rebecca__91@hotmail.com or twitter: RebeccaJohansso or my FB! I really hope you all like it, i know it can look a bit messy but i think it's cool! :D But i know some of you complained earlier about the text, harder to read, tell me if it's still hard... Remember this blog is for Lesley-Anne Down and all her loyal fans from all around the world! The banner in the middle of the header is made by Jordon, she is great on making those pics! Her banners are so great, i had to have it as a header on my blog! :) I put the beautiful Oliviaphoto on each side of the banner!

blog is under reconstruction

blog is under reconstruction, next time i will make the blog with banners/header and background from The bold and the beautiful! PLEASE E-mail me ur thoughts about the new look, is it good or bad? Rebecca__91@hotmail.com or twitter: Rebeccajohansso

Has received several requests for more Swedish articles on the blog, here are some I have!

Hello everyone! i Have received
several requests for more Swedish articles on the blog, here are just a few from my Swedish collection, The quality are very bad!!! I just took quick photos, so i'll photo them again one day with better quality!

I think this article under is soooo very beautiful!!!

This is funny, because Lesley-Anne was offered the role in James Bond 3 times, she turned the rols down, but they took pics of her here anyway xD it's like 12 pics of her!

Hope you all enjoyed the photos! More from Swedish magasines will come another day....

New article from Gea's Twitter!

Here is some photos!...

Hello everyone! How are you? What is for the weekend? I will visit my dad and have a really cozy weekend! Here is a photo from North and South with Lesley-Anne Down and James Read!


Here is the first photos to come, more will come later!

1989 Press Photo Lesley Anne Down Shivers

Blog is back! Lots of new photos will be up later 2night!

I'm still sad for what happend with my friend, but life goes on.. I wanna thank you all for being so supportive in this hard time!
The blog is now officially back! Lots of new photos will be up later 2night!

Blog is still down, will soon return!

Hello, I just wanted to let you all know that the blog will return one day next week, don't know the date yet, Still very sad for the news i got last week about my friend, i never told any of you what happened! My friend lost the battle of cancer, after a very long battle, i miss him! Cried like a river, losing friends or familymembers to death is the worst thing in the world! Anyway blog is still down til i let you know!

Blog is currently down!

Blog is currently down! For a week or so.... Something horrible happend yesterday can't blog right now! Hope you all understand! i will be back when i'm feeling better!

New Articles from LesleyAnneDown.com by Gea!

A Lesley-Anne Down sticker sheet for every Fan Club membership in 2012

Join the fanclub 2012! E-mail me: Rebecca__91@hotmail.com or contact Gea: geavermeulen@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

"Haunted" Latest gossips tells Leslie-Anne will have a part in the film as Molly!

Hello everyone, i've been busy will answer Fbmails/twitter soon! Thanks!

From Lesley-Anne Downs new movie My Dogs Xmas miracle!Lot's of paparazzis were chasing Down after her Custody Battle in court with her exhusbund Wiliam Friendkin!

Hello fans! Welcome 2012!!!

Hello everyone, i'm so happy to be back! How was Xmas and New Years eve? Let me know Rebecca__91@hotmail.com :) I had a terrific time with my family on Xmas and a totally boring and timewasted party on New years eve...I didn't held the party, i was on a party in Rimbo, Sweden!

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