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Hey everyone, i was choosed as fan of the month on The bold and the beautifuls official website, i talked about my story of coming into the BBworld and about Lesley-Anne Down! Want to share it! Hope u like it!
Rebecca Johansson March Fan of the Month

Rebecca Johansson March Fan of the Month

Hi Everyone,
My name is Rebecca Johansson, I am 23 years old and am from Sweden. I am educated in animal care. My family, friends and pets are the most important things in my life. If I could save every pet in the world from suffering, I would! My story might be different from others. I didn’t start watching The Bold and the Beautiful until 2003 when the lovely Lesley-Anne Down joined as “Jackie Marone.” She has always been my idol, role model and a very important friend to me since I discovered her on Sunset Beach. That’s when I started watching B&B, a show that so many of my friends have been following day and night. We even record the show while they are on vacation. I am so happy I discovered B&B. The show is creative and the actors and actresses they choose to be part of the show are very friendly. After Tweeting them, emailing them or meeting them, you get so much support back that turns into friendships. Also, the lovely people that you meet through the show from all over the world are friends that you will have for a lifetime. I can’t thank the show enough for that! B&B has held such wonderful fan events year after year and it’s so amazing to have the chance to meet all these people you follow every day on television. However, because of my age, I wasn’t able to attend a single one of these incredible events since I have been busy going to school and with family travels. I have been following my friends and their stories of their meetings though. But 2013 was the year that I have been waiting for so long. I went to the United States for the first time in my life and it was the time of my life. I was in the U.S. for two weeks. I attended the B&B Meet and Greet Event and it was absolutely lovely. We woke up early, went to the B&B Event and there were so many people standing in lines. I heard people had stood there for hours before we came. It felt so cool to meet all these actors that we have seen for so many years on the screen. They were all so very nice to me and Martin, the friend that came along with me to the U.S. Everyone seemed so happy to meet me. When I told people I came all the way from Sweden they responded that there were not many people from Sweden at the event and that they were so blessed to meet a few. I was able to talk the actors about life and ourselves. I also let them know we have a team in Sweden called “Glamoursällskapet” that supports B&B. I loved meeting everyone, but Winsor Harmon, John McCook, Alley Mills and Lawrence Saint-Victor were extra special to me. They’re so lovely and so friendly. For me it felt extra cool meeting all those that have been on the show for years when I was a child myself. It was also such a pleasure meeting the Executive Producer and Head Writer, Mr. Bradley Bell and co-creator Mrs. Lee Phillip Bell, they are very lovely, warm people. A very special thanks goes to the lovely Cathy Tomas for all that she does for all of the B&B fans and for her friendship. Thank you, Cathy, for choosing me as B&B’s March Fan of the Month.
Much Love,
Rebecca from Sweden
If you want to write a letter to Cathy Tomas to be considered for a future “Fan of the Month” send an email with your story and pictures to: cathytomas@theboldandthebeautiful.com

MarchFan John and Rebecca-650w

MarchFan Alley and Rebecca-650w

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