today i have done nothing at all xD and tomorrow it's school AGAIN, and the rest of my family that lives in Norrtälje are having holidays and not me, my is over right today, suckxs for me!
i just want to thanxs all LEsley-Anne Down fans that are following this amazing picsblog of the amazing actress Lesley-Anne i hope her new movie will coem out soon :)

have you seen Sunset BEach answer and tell me what you think about it! and please comment down the side cwich hat you think fits lesley-anne down the best :D

BB Fan Club Luncheon 2005

TV Soap Boomerang Awards

no naked/nude pics of LAD on this blog, it's inappropriate

I have chosen never to have nude pictures of Lesley-Anne Down on my blog, I think it is awfully inadequate and inappropriate, but I've found images of long ago where Lesley-Anne Down is actually naked, and since it is always fun to watch young pictures of the wonderful actress, I have chosen to cut the nude pictures, a bit unnecessary at all to upload them maybe, but Downtown is so pretty young and mature so here you have young pictures of Lesley =) hope not the little nudity which is visible in the pictures do an upset! Who has not seen the nude pictures of celebrities, but it's not spreading them happy even more so I think it's good that I cut off the unfit.

new pics of LAD :D

the pic of her in red dress here is the info from it :
@ Hollywood Christmas Parade 2009 - Scotty Claus & actor Lesley Anne Down from "The Bold and the Beautiful"

"She's bold and he's beautiful! Or was it the other way around?"

- Send us your best captions on Facebook, Twitter, or our blog! 

OH MY!!! i have always been searching for this pic, because i have it on a paper but not on the computer, now im happy :D


this is brannigan with lesley-anne down she is so young in this movie and beautiful :D

New pic of Lesley-Anne Down, new to me and hopefully new to you :D

this pic is from the movie Sphinxs

Thank you <3

this pics actually a friend on facebook gave me by giving me the link so a big herat for her kindness :D here you have totally new pics, well they might be old but for me they are brand new :D

Here are a bit info about the pics and what they mean to me :)

this pics are from the movie The Besty and my personal reaction after seeing this movie is, god whata a bad movie, but i think i was in a rush that day, i may see it again to like it, i was not in the mood for that movie that day, because it's not very often i think a movie with LAD sucks! xD so it must have been something wrong with me, but then again i also thought that movie was a bit old and i had no subtitle and did not even understand it.

this pics may be familier to all BB fans, for me it's brand new, i have no thoughts abpout it, except that i would love this two couple to be together again in THe Bold And The Beautiful :D

This pic are from Brannigan with John Wayne,  it was my FIRST movie with lesley-anne down i was so happy that day and wanted to come home to be able to see it and do you wanna know what happend? Lesley-Anne DOwn was only in the movie for one scen xD i guess i needed a soft start but i was so down after knowing she was only for one scen :(

I So like this couple why can't they be together in BB these days?

This are from the movie Rough Cut i have actually allready seen this pic but not the movie :(

a totally new pic thanks

thios movie is brilliant i totally love it so amazing

god" those pics givs me so much memories
of when o saw this movie at the very first time

a scary moment in this movie for Down :O

like this pics

i have seen this lovely pic of Down before :)


have a wonderful night people!

Wich hat fits Lesley-Anne Down the best? please leave your thoughts in a comment

by the way i had totally fogotten about those pics of LAD, i don't even think i had them on my computer , they must ahve been eraised by accident, i hav'nt seen them for a while, please leave comments!!!!!

pics of LAD

Hie boys and girls! :D i had some new pics of LAD but as always the blog forbidds me to load up the pics i don't know why this site just accept some picsformats :S how are you? i think you people are great at visiting this blog but hell bad of leaving comments. i want more comments from you people don't care what stuf you say just comment for gods sake :D that makes me happy :D


People have asked me on facebook where all my pictures of Lesley-Anne Down has gone, but all the pictures I published since I started the blog there is any left, they have always been there all you need to do to find them is to look at the picture below and see where I made arrows, and where the arrows are, where you press to see each month in pictures

And for those who may be a bit blind it stands:


Februari 2010
Januari 2010
December 2009
Novermber 2009
Oktober 2009

just push this months with a drawen line under


People have asked me on facebook where all my pictures of Lesley-Anne Down has gone, but all the pictures I published since I started the blog there is any left, they have always been there all you need to do to find them is to look at the picture below and see where I made arrows, and where the arrows are, where you press to see each month in pictures

Thief! :S

♥ ♥ Today, Grandma would play 73 years CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! ♥ ♥

Today was not any day not!
Today was yes, and my sister accused of shoplifting newspapers in large newspaper press agency in Uppsala! For the first time: o
My sister is never in Uppsala and wanted to buy a newspaper that did not exist in Norrtälje, so yes sacrificed day of the ride with her there,, first it was fun, but in hindsight I regret that I wasted day in Uppsala, because the whole ended with a great sermon and false accusations: O we had acted in Norrtälje Pressbyrå with mom before we came to Uppsala's press agency, but we were a bit clumsy and went into the shop in Uppsala with Norrtälje Pressbyrå bag and then at the checkout, she wished that I would give her bag and she began to inspect it and said that we only had a magazine in it when we got there and now we had three, but we had three from the beginning, my God! and she began to keep a type 10-15 minutes sermon, I ended up that we just paid what we bought when and where. It was all just a misunderstanding, because when we were small and whispering about who would buy which magazine she thought we had something fishy to us and started to keep an eye on us, we felt that she stood there and watched us and were therefore excluded , it's uncomfortable to have people stand and listen when discussing money or purchase, but aggravation as it then literally looked as if we had plans and wanted to be alone. I say just SUCK !!!!!!!!! on this day! However, our mother became very angry when she learned that the store owner stood and accused us for several minutes and be in on Monday and show proof that we actually bought the newspapers in Norrtälje and that she was with and paid for them and so they may take back allegations . might be a bit big deal out of a little thing but it's not fun to walk around and people think it is a hell of a thief, how fun is it to go there now as well, do not even know if I will go there as often anymore, have not seen as unpleasant and judgmental cashier earlier: S We had really good customer contact before but aja

New BB Pics Of LAD and Owen

I must confess that the one soap that has made Lesley-Anne Down really famous these day's are the one soap that i have not been able to see. i watch clips from Youtube.com from The Bold And The Beautiful, and sometimes my mum tapes Episodes from the show at her work, but at home and my studenthome at school, we don't own tha channel where this show is on, and that really do suck! but i can confess that i have seen more than others because i have about 28 movies with her and have seen Dallas, Upstairs Downstairs, The nanny, Sunset Beach and almost everything with her except The Bold And The Beautiful but i will keep try to hang on by watching from the internet, but i wish that i could follow the show on television like everybody else.

A lots of beautiful pics of LAD

I Have Made Them Smaller because i think it's hard to make all in the same size so thats why i let them all be small, because i don't ahve the effor to change size just for this blog


I was out with my dog and she is such a Snowlover!!!
Now i will continue bloging about Lesley-Anne Down :D
Here below you can see some sweet pics of my dog,
I think i will start being a bit more personal on this blog,
Load up pics from my life some few times and tell you a bit of my life but of course i will keep have this site for mostly Lesley-Anne Down but just a bit more about me too that could be fun for those who wanna know a bit

what i am about to say may upset someones

I dislike Lesley-Anne Downs new haricolour!!!
Now that is said!
no more thoughts about that alone in my head xD
no but really i adore Lesley-Anne Down in her Brown or more black hair, she's looking so beautiful and it really fits her. But the blond hair she's having now, makes her a bit more invincible than when she wears darker hair, and i DON'T say her hair look's BAD now. Down looks beautiful whatever colour she has in her hair!!! but i really like her more in darker hair thats all!!! and i wish she will make her hair darker one day again because i so love that colour of her :D she fits darker :D and please i hope not fans or Lesley-Anne Down herself gets upset after reading this xD but darker hair is what i always have seen Down have, that may be why she fits it so good too. im used to see her in dark hair sense "Sunset Beach" but then it's so funny to see her change her hair into blonder because we all need changes and it so fits Down to wair blond and brown and black hair, but brown will always fit Down best!

Diagnotice Murderer looking wonderful in that serie

Lesley-Anne Down is making a roll in this long serie but she is not in every episode of what i know...?
and she looks very beautiful in this serie i was loooking at one clip from this Diagontice Murderer but the language w3as not english or swedish it was dubbed so i did'nt understand a thing but that does not matter at all because just see Lesley-Anne in whatever she plays in is fun. And one day we will see the clip with right languages :D

Gueststarring in The Nanny as Cloe

This episode of the famous Nanny is very funny and so good, i have it  on my computer downloaded from Youtube. And have seen it a few times, its a brilliant roll Lesley-Anne Down is doing and Nanny is always good at what she does in the show. but to see Lesley-Anne Down do this roll in a show with much laugh in the background is a new stage in of her carrier and it shows us that Lesley-Anne Down can make it work in this kind of roll to even if she doesn't usually plays this kind of serie


i haven't wrote asa much as i was suppose to sense my blog went into english
I was writing a lot when i had the blog in swedish languages
But then when all the fans begged me to write on english i have just put up pics and not write so much about the pics
so that will change now on.
so now when  i load up pics i will comment them also :D

and my english sucks sometimes and sometimes its really good but i enjo0y writing in ´swedish so damn all fans from different countries xD

didn't have such much time as i thought think i have to load up more another day or so

Grandmothers Funeral

I made a lie this thursday,
i said i was going to load up more but never did.
 but now i will put some pics up because im in a really bad mood.
 i feel like crap/hell,
 i was at my grandmothers funeral 11:00 this friday (last day) and it was horrible i cried all the time and couldn't stop and i feel horrible now too.
so thats why i will load up pics of LAD, that makes it more fun, even if it won't make me happy.
i really miss my grandmother more than anyone, and my english suck i wish i was better at it.

new pics from ebay:

new pics (kind of/sort of)

Mostly oft he pics are zoomed from articles,
newspaper pics, and clippings i thought it was a good idea, because now you can look for some pics only closer! :D it will be 100 something so i will save time after time to be sure i don't of misstage push these site away but if you are here and it's just some few pics just understand that more will coem it just takes some time to put everyone up here on the blog

new pics

new pic from ebay enjoy

New pics

two new pics. but one of these it says its lesley-anne down but it really doesnt look like her i think something is wrong
this must be Lesley-Anne Warren or someone else because it definytly not looks like LAD

fansites and other wallpapers and banners

leSLEY-aNNe dOWn

some of the 500 Clippingpics i have, it just take a while to load up them all so here is the first ones

BB pics

BB pics


so sorry for not posting items but still so sad!

here are not new items but may be new to you"

Thank you Jordan!!!

Jordon Shawna Connery Chartiers made this pic for my birthday she is so good and kind :D

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