My birthday is coming soon i hope it will be better than last year


SOME ARE FROM EBAY AND SOME FROM LESLEY-ANNE DOWNS TWITTER ♥ and one i found from a girl from FB ;) totally awesome pics!!!

Some old articles out of magasines!

Two new pics i got from friends at FB thank you dears!! ;:D

Also everyone that i have ignorer on Facebook and on my blog, i promisse i will answer soon. i have had a hard time, this week last year i lost my dearest grandmother and it brings me pain and memory back, how hard that time was for me, so im kind of off, don't even answer my phone when people are calling xD It's much better next week, and Aydna I promisse so much more pics will show up and also i will reply on your comments soon :;)
The first pic is from Ebay, i didn't win this bid :'(

And here pics from friends on FB :) totally love those pics ;D

This pics is after wish from Adyna Maria SB with LAD & Sam ♥

 More will come...

PER OSCARSSON confirmed dead

Per Oscarsson confirmed dead, it is now clear that Per Oscarsson and his wife died in the fire, a very sad loss for us Swedish, he was a highly popular personality, and a great, great, great actor, and he was always in a movie on Christmas Eve for us young people and children to watch every year! R.I.P WE MISS YOU!!!!! This is a note for a swedish person ;)''
Hej du som skrev om per oscarsson skriv email eller ngt kan inte besvara dig innan dess :P ☻♥ Tack för kommentar :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year 2011

Sorry for my delay, but Chirstmases and new years always take upp all of my time :) Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful new year 2011 wich looks more beautiful to write than 2010, if you ask me ;) I have not found so many new pics of LAD and i have had a mess in my computer so the ones i found has dissaperad for the moment, will upload them when i find them :) I had a wonderful christmas and new year, had a nice evning with family and friends both times ♥ we akso have had 2 tragic accidents on special evnings. In Finsta wich is near my city Norrtälje in Sweden where i live, had a horrible fire that took one man, and the whole house was burned to the gorund, it was horrible to read and see with own eyes, and this was the night into christmas, my first thought was "MERRY CHRISTMAS" or not :'( and then on the new year minute a very famous actor in Sweden and his wife proberly got killed in a terrible new fire that also made the house burn down to the ground. It was horrible he was so loved by every swedish girl and boy. It's not fully proofed the two bodies that was found, that they really are Peter Oscarsson and his wife, but friends and family told the media that they were suppose to stay home that evning so it*s not as a suprise if it really was them. It's so tragdic!!! And he was alway on a movie called "Kan du vissla Johanna" that always is on christmas at televison! I will miss that man!! im lucky i didnt know the man that died in the fire at my home ♥ Sorry for my bad english in this text, i really had no time to make it sound better and to make it clear english, i just wrote it quick so now when i read it, it was kind of bad english! xD
This is the left from the house in Finsta near Norrtälje in sweden that was burned down :( and the house down this text is from the star.

And this is the left from the house of the famous man PER OSCARSSON :'(

And now it has been way to tradgic so some happy pics from my christmas then  ;D

This is a happy pic of me and my rabbit HAREN, she is now 9 years old, can you imagine, that's a hell of a age ;D for a rabbit, our other rabbits have only got 6 years old, except my dear Kurre that was 8 years old, but she was hurt and needet to get peace and fall in to sleep.

New pics of LAD then :P from ebay^^

Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2011

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