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Latest Gossip! If we depend on Sites, LAD will be in "Haunted" If it's true? LAD will tell us....

Teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHuzciUOSeg

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Jeepers Creepers 3 på horisonten, trots att ganska bra fake trailer lurar fansen everywere ett par månader tillbaka har skaparen Victor Salva vände sin uppmärksamhet till ett nytt projekt kallat SPÖKAD som berättar historien om en man som när han rör vid människor han kan se hur de kommer att dö.

Nu när det konceptet verkar mycket familar till fans, filmen går vidare och den har också sin första uppradade stjärna i form av Lesley Anne Down som rapporteras till stjärnan som en karaktär som heter "Molly"

Bloody Disgusting redovisar också ytterligare nyheter på filmen där textsnutten de har fått är "The Beast är förbjudet att någonsin komma in i människornas värld - bara en dödlig son kunde bjuda honom. besten skapade en. "

Gör detta när du kommer!

After putting a bunch of victims through a gauntlet of bizarre traps as Jigsaw in the Saw movies, Tobin Bell has signed on for Haunted, a supernatural thriller from Jeepers Creepers director Victor Salva.

Writer/producer Charles Agron made the announcement on the film’s official website.  Bloody Disgusting has a synopsis of the film:

“The film tells the chilling story of Nick Di Santo , who is tormented by his ability to touch someone and see exactly how they will die. On his 23rd birthday Nick is summoned by his mother (Leslie-Anne Down) to the asylum where she has been institutionalized since his childhood. Hoping that her request to see him is a sign of improvement, Nick is stunned by her revelation that the father he thought was dead is really alive. He is alive and may know the origin of Nick’s terrible gift. Nick sets out to find »


Victor Salva, the man behind the JEEPERS CREEPERS flicks, has another project already lined up and it's not another JEEPERS CREEPRS flick. It's a twisted thriller called HAUNTED, but we already knew that.

What we didn't know is that none other than 'Jigsaw' himself Tobin Bell will be starring in HAUNTED for Mr. Salva, that's according to the guys over at Bloody-Disgusting. Those wiley bastards even got their hands on a full synopsis! Check it:

"The film tells the chilling story of Nick Di Santo , who is tormented by his ability to touch someone and see exactly how they will die. On his 23rd birthday Nick is summoned by his mother to the asylum where she has been institutionalized since his childhood. Hoping that her request to see him is a sign of improvement, Nick is stunned by her revelation that the father he thought was dead is really alive. He is alive and may know the origin of Nick's terrible gift. Nick sets out to find his father with his best friend Ryan and girlfriend Eve. The trio are soon frightened and alarmed as every road they take on the journey leads them back to the same abandoned mansion - a house that only existed in Nick's childhood imagination or so he thought. A house in a town that no map connects. Finally succumbing to the will of the house, Nick becomes embroiled in a battle with a dark figure. What started as a simple road trip soon turns into a terror-filled journey, full of horrifying twists and brutal surprise."

And that's not all! We've also learned that along with Bell (above) the film will also star Leslie-Anne Down, Luke Kleintank, Anthony Rey Perez, Alex McKenna (below), Zack Ward and Max Gail. We've even got a HAUNTED teaser for you guys directly below and up over in our videos section! Don't you just love a jam-packed update??

HAUNTED started filming in Mississippi a few days ago on Halloween so I'm sure we'll have a lot more updates from this one coming our way soon.

HAUNTED (2012) - Teaser Trailer

Exclusive! Victor Salva: a “HAUNTED” he will go

Posted by Tony Timpone Sep 19, 2011

When we last spoke with JEEPERS CREEPERS creator Victor Salva earlier this year, the filmmaker was just gearing up to shoot his psychotic paperboy thriller ROSEWOOD LANE (see item here). Before that production makes its Screamfest debut next month, Salva will be gearing up to shoot his second fright flick in less than a year, HAUNTED, which aims to turn the haunted house subgenre on its head.

Salva gave us the exclusive on HAUNTED, an update on his RATTLEMAN chiller (lensing begins April 1, 2012) and a few ROSEWOOD LANE pics to boot (that’s Salva, left, with actor Daniel Ross Owens). Before we get into the meaty details on HAUNTED, here’s the film’s official synopsis, courtesy of Salva:


“Nick DeSanto can touch you and see exactly how you will die.

“His terrible gift landed him in foster home after foster home, when he was a boy. Now, on his 20th birthday, Nick’s institutionalized mother gives him staggering news. Nick’s father is alive. Not dead as she has told him for many years. He is alive and may know the origin of Nick’s terrible gift.

“But what starts as a simple road trip to meet the father he never knew, soon takes a nightmare turn when it leads Nick, his best buddy Ryan, and Nick’s pregnant girlfriend Eve, to a house that should no longer exist.

“A house several miles from where it should be.

A house that was ripped off its foundation in a flood decades ago. A bizarre house, overrun with vegetation and unseen things living in the walls. A house where Nick had hoped to find his father, but instead finds himself and his friends, terrorized by a mysterious group of murderous woodsmen known as The Axemen.

“Axemen guarding the strange old house and the shocking secret of Nick’s father who lives inside.

“HAUNTED is a terror-filled road trip, full of horrifying twists and brutal surprises. A heart-stopping thriller about a young man and a chilling old house that has survived decades, awaiting the return of its prodigal son.

“A house that not only contains the origin of Nick’s gift to see death before it happens, but a dark family legacy, so horrible, it may have already reached out to Nick’s unborn child.”

FANGORIA: Wow, you are jumping into your second film in less than a year, with RATTLEMAN on the horizon. What’s with the sudden flurry of activity?

VICTOR SALVA: Tony, it’s like the universe created a time for me, a difficult time to be honest, these past few years, even before the movie industry went into a financial tailspin. It was a period where suddenly the third JEEPERS film was on again, off again, on again, off again, then it could only be a direct to DVD project, then it was going to be theatrical but it had to be in 3D, then it was off again, and then on again…and it was also a time where a terrific picture called THE SUMMONER I was developing for over a year at Dark Castle suddenly got shelved for no reason. And another great script, a World War II horror film called THE WATCH was on again, off again-all these things contributed to creating a period following PEACEFUL WARRIOR where, suddenly, there was nothing to do but write. I wrote and I wrote during what I call my “down time,” and suddenly two of those scripts created during that period, genre scripts, were suddenly sort of kick-started, I think, by the appearance of my first film in eight years, ROSEWOOD LANE.

Though no one has publicly seen the film yet, the private screenings we did hold created interest and confidence in what my partner and friend (and director and cinematographer) Don Fauntleroy and I have been planning to do for some time. Create our own production company. HAUNTED is the second film where Don and I are teaming up, this time with a very exciting, young producer, Charles Agron, to create what the three of us think will be the first in a truly unique and startling horror franchise.

FANG: Is it easier to get a horror film launched these days?

SALVA: For me it has always been easier to get my genre films funded. And why I have more genre films in my filmography than any other kind. Primarily because in the business of making movies, when you do something like JEEPERS CREEPERS and it makes money and even breaks a world box office record, the industry takes notice. Back in 2001, JEEPERS CREEPERS II was greenlit the same weekend the first JEEPERS opened in theaters-it was that fast. The film had only played that one Friday, but the phone rang that Saturday morning and the guys running MGM said, “We want to do another one,” and so JCII was fast-tracked before the entire Labor Day weekend receipts had been tallied for the first film.

When JCII was released and broke JC’s previous world record [for largest Labor Day opening in movie history]-then, suddenly, I was a twice-proven moneymaker in the genre of horror and suspense. I was a bankable director-in that genre. Meaning, that like a successful actor, I was typecast suddenly into one particular kind of film. The upswing, of course, is that studios and production companies consider very seriously any genre script I have written. So, yes, horror is easier to get funded for me. It is much more difficult for me to get interest and financing for a dramatic script, and I have written quite a few. I don’t consider horror my forte, though I certainly enjoy it and could never perceive of a time when I wouldn’t want to make a good scary film if the story and cast were there. I consider myself a filmmaker, one who would love to make a Western, a musical, a comedy, even a documentary-but the funding available to me is often only available in the horror genre. And times have changed too.

Drama, or even what I call sci-fi drama such as my film POWDER, which was a sleeper hit for Disney back in 1995, today, sadly, I don’t believe POWDER could get made. It simply couldn’t find the funding or make it through the gauntlet of a studio marketing department that is simply thrown by anything they don’t know how to sell because they haven’t seen it many times before.

FANG: Did the success of INSIDIOUS help sell this one quickly?

SALVA: What got HAUNTED set up so quickly was the belief in the project by our young producer, Charles Agron. Charles had the original idea for the story-a core idea that was really terrific-and it was his relentless pursuit of the financing for this picture that is ultimately the reason it is getting made. I have never seen an up and coming producer work harder at trying to get a picture off the ground.

FANG: What is the production company and is a studio attached?

SALVA: There is no studio attached yet, which is my dream scenario, being a writer/director, because with a studio or a distributor comes the inevitable casting requirements, script notes, script changes, and suddenly the picture is being directed by the marketing department, whose sole criteria is to make a movie they can cut a good trailer for, or to make a movie they know they can sell.

It’s all voodoo economics, really, because this is a business where a sure thing can fall flat on its face, and a tried and true formula that has worked in the past just doesn’t work now. And I think this is why so many sequels and remakes fail. So I think HAUNTED will be a better and stronger film because it has no studio attached yet. And the production companies creating it, Charles Agron Productions in association with DonVictor Films, which is Don and myself, can focus on the movie, on getting the right cast and telling the story the right way. My biggest financial successes, POWDER and the JEEPERS films, have been the ones where I was left alone creatively. Writing my script away from studio notes and then directing it the way I saw it when I wrote it.

I think most of the films we love, the truly memorable ones, come from a single point of view-and that is the point of view of the filmmaker. A single vision. A story told from a specific point of view and not a film by committee. That rarely happens today.


FANG: What was the inspiration for HAUNTED?

SALVA: You would have to ask producer Charles Agron for a specific answer to that question. This is a story Charles has been nursing and developing for a while. Where it came from, originally, only he knows. What I can say is, that the story Charles had in mind, the idea he brought to me, and the reason he calls it HAUNTED, was not just because the story is about a young man who finds a spooky old house that we suspect is haunted. The story is much bigger and darker than that.

We charter new horror territory in HAUNTED. That is the one rule I think must be kept in doing films in any genre. Bring something new. Tell a tale and bring a fresh way to tell it. Build on the familiar and take us from that, to someplace new. Some place exhilarating. And in the horror genre, some place terrifying.

FANG: What sets this apart from other haunted house films?

SALVA: The great joy in being able to take Charles’ idea and absolutely run with it was that I got to stop and think about all my favorite haunted house movies (Peter Medak’s THE CHANGELING, Robert Wise’s THE HAUNTING and Jack Clayton’s THE INNOCENTS) and what I liked about them. But more importantly, I got to take a spooky old house and up the stakes, bypass the normal, circumvent the expected haunted house bits and replace them with unique and heart-stopping setpieces we haven’t seen before in haunted house movies.

FANG: What are the tropes of the haunted house genre that you want to avoid?

SALVA: Let me just say this, because I don’t want to give away any spoilers this early in production: believe me when I say, you have never seen a house like the house in HAUNTED. And I say that with a lot of excitement, because of what we have in store for horror fans in this terrific script.

FANG: What lead you to Mississippi as a location?

SALVA: The same thing that lead us to Central Florida for JEEPERS CREEPERS. For JEEPERS, it was an old, abandoned church we saw in pictures the Florida Film Commission sent us. The church seemed to be right out of our script and immediately made you see the film. In your head. And it was thrilling. And suddenly, we knew what the film was about and where we wanted to go to shoot it.

For HAUNTED, we saw a house, a picture of a house in Greenville, Mississippi-an abandoned, antebellum house, overgrown with vines and stretching into the Mississippi sky, that literally WAS the house from the HAUNTED script. Suddenly you could see the movie. You got how scary the film could be-and how real.

And so we went off to Greenville, met the wonderful people there, saw the house-and learned that it is actually known to be haunted!-and decided it was Greenville, Mississippi that would be the home for our story.

FANG: Will this be another quick shoot, like ROSEWOOD LANE?

SALVA: HAUNTED is a much more ambitious film than ROSEWOOD. It needs, and will have, a bigger budget and a bigger shooting schedule.

FANG: Who are you eying for the cast?

SALVA: Part of the pure joy of making genre films is that there is no real cache in booking big stars or known actors (regardless of what the distributors and studios claim). For instance, in JEEPERS, while being pressured to hire kids from the WB who had some popularity with kids from TV, but weren’t necessarily right for the parts, I ended up being able to hire who I thought were the best two actors for the roles. Gina Philips and Justin Long had bags of talent and had some credits, but not a great deal of visibility at the time they came in and read for JEEPERS. Thanks to my executive producer, Francis Coppola, who insisted to the studio I be able to cast the film with anyone I felt was right for my script, we got two great performances from two really terrific actors. And it made JEEPERS CREEPERS all the stronger and even scarier for it.

HAUNTED is again a film where I am being allowed to cast whoever fits into my script. And it is an ensemble piece, so the casting is even more important. We are looking at some name actors, but also at some very new and very fresh talents and faces. And that is always exciting for me.

FANG: Congrats on ROSEWOOD LANE getting into Screamfest. What are the distribution plans after that?

SALVA: ROSEWOOD LANE makes its world premiere October 15 at Screamfest LA. There has already been some studio interest, but the picture hasn’t really been screened yet for studios or distributors. The Screamfest premiere, where I will attend with the cast and do a Q&A, that screening will start to tell the tale of how ROSEWOOD LANE will be presented to the public. We are all hoping for the best possible scenario for its distribution, but at this point only time will tell.


FANG: What’s the status of RATTLEMAN?

SALVA: THE RATTLEMAN is scheduled for production directly after HAUNTED finishes post. And I am in talks with the incredible Doug Jones to play the title role. The terrifying man-thing, known as The Rattleman. So it is kind of a triple-header this year for me.

Starting with ROSEWOOD LANE, which is a unique kind of suburban thriller, different from the kinds of scares of say a JEEPERS film, and now HAUNTED, a true horror film in the classic sense, and perhaps, more of a horror film than any I have yet contributed to the genre. Then following that, and coming full circle so to speak, with THE RATTLEMAN, which plants me firmly back in my CLOWNHOUSE/JEEPERS CREEPERS universe, back home to a wonderful and original monster movie, which I will be happy to tell you more about as production nears.

FANG: After the nongenre PEACEFUL WARRIOR, are you comfortable with this new run of horror films?

SALVA: I am first and foremost a film lover. I have been since I was a very young kid. And I was lucky enough to be exposed to just about every genre of film there is, thanks to a great friend I met around 18, when I thought all there was, were movies about sharks, spaceships and monsters from the Black Lagoon.

Am I comfortable with this run of genre pictures ahead of me? I have read so many biographies about people who were lucky enough to work in this business, people who were really wonderful at what they did, and yet lived and died with a chip on their shoulder because they always felt they were destined for something grander. Bernard Herrmann, for instance, thought he was basically slumming by writing music for films-as he wrote some of the most beautiful, terrifying, glorious music the movies have ever heard. He was a deeply unhappy man because he felt he deserved better than his position in life. Reading biographies like his, helped me appreciate where I am in my life and my career, and to be happy with it. I am not a horror guy, in the same way I am not a science-fiction guy, or a drama guy, though I have made films in each of those genres-and absolutely love all of them.

I am a filmmaker. And horror and suspense films were my first love, and I can’t imagine a time, when I would say, “No more genre films.” But like most writer/directors, I believe I have a wide range of storytelling talents and hope I can go on adventures in every genre in the time I am here, and not just the one genre where I have created the most revenue.

Three horror films in a row-I am categorizing ROSEWOOD LANE as a horror film, but it is really in the suspense/terror genre-that is a long haul for me, over a year and a half, of navigating through a lot of darkness. But I look forward to each of them, the same way I look forward to whatever the future holds for me and the stories of mine I get to tell.


B&B (Glamour) Arrived in my mail today! :D So happy!!!

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The bold and the beautiful has come on DVD in Sweden! (Glamour)

We LADfans are lucky! They took a pic of LAD on the backcover even tho she is NOT in the first seasons! I think it is because she is one of the most famous from the show in SWEDEN so that's to win more buyers! Also they all look rich and beautiful that's maybe one more reason! :D

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Lesley-Anne doing and interview for Rosewood Lane.

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Screamfest 2011 intervjues with Lesley-Anne Down

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Some of my B&B Articles from Swedish magasines, i might be the only one having them...Do you like them? It's very bad pics of them i will show better when i find my camera! This are taken by the bad phone i have... Oh and in Sweden "The Bold And The Beautiful" Is called "Glamour" I Think that's the only word all B&B fans want to learn from Sweden haha! I thought a bit of Sam Bell and Joke Devos when i put those pics up, i know how much they love B&B! I have always been more of a Sunset Beachfan! Well can't even watch B&B Don't have the channel =( But i watch some clips on the internet from time to time! But im not like following the show because i can't have no time and i don't have the channel wich is horrible but life! But i'm sure the show is great! Of what i have seen its great!

Hope you enjoyed the pics from my B&B collection from Swedish magasines! i have a little more, but this was pretty much of it that i have from SWEDISH magasines! Tell me if you like to see one of the image with better quality, I'll take a better picture of the image. Wich article did you like the most? E-mail me Rebecca__91@hotmail.com or just comment here or on Fb! Some of them i have double ones of!

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I had a dream about Lesley-Anne Down this night! It was lovley but she was NOT like i thought she would be, i was so happy that i woke up and realized she was still that lovley i thought and not like she was in my dream, anyway i was at the street suddently i was at her home, i was walking after her all the time just to be close! When i was in her house, i was looking all around all the time, i was thinking of what to say, because i knew what a loss she just been thorugh, i tried talk, so i said something nice, and then she snaped me off, she was like a bitch to me, she said:
- I don't have time to discuss things with you, and my dog is my business, not your's!
I got so mad becuase i knew what a nice person she was in real, and then she acted like that to me when we finally meet! Then i walked around the house trying to take photos with my phone on the photos that were up in the house of her and her family, tried not make her see it because i was afraid she would forbidd me if she knew.. Then when i walked around the house, the more it started to look like my own house, suddently the house she lived in WAS my house xD i was like, HOLY MOTHER!!! Then she was just gone and i thought for a minuter, why the hell did i forget to take pics of us standing beside eachother xD Now noone would belive me if i told them i just meet her! The strangest thing in the dream was that i was wondering on and on again WHY would i be invited to her house of all the fans xD


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Lovely article, miss Patrick Swayze and Lesley-Anne Down beside eachother! =(

Libby is in heaven now!

Lesley-Anne Down wrote on twitter that her dearest dog Libby Lou is gone for sure now! So sad to hear! But all support we have given her means much for her!
What u think of Lesley-Annes new hair? I think it looks great, i love her back in dark :D

Event Report: Screamfest LA 2011: Exclusive Night

With the 11th annual Screamfest LA Film Festival having commenced this past Friday, October 14th (it runs through the 22nd), at Manns Chinese 6 in Hollywood, California, we hit the carpet Saturday night, October 15th, to bring you some additional eye candy and to catch the anticipated Short Film Program #1 and the premiere screenings of the features Crawl, The Tunnel, and Rosewood Lane. Read on!

Those in attendance for the packed day and walking the black carpet included Rosewood Lane director Victor Salva as well as that flick’s cast members Ray Wise, Lin Shaye, Sonny Marinelli, Tom Tarantini and Lesley-Ann Down (look for our review soon). Joining them were Crawl writer/director Paul China and his producing partner and brother, Benjamin China, along with The Tunnel director Paul Ledesma, writers Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey, and star Bel Delia.

In the short films arena, An Evening with My Comatose Mother filmmaker Jonathan Martin chatted with the press, as did Chained director Rehon Khokar and Night of the Little Dead filmmakers Frank Ippolito and Ezekiel Zabrowski and many more. (Writer's Note: Screamfest LA has grown so much that it’s near impossible for one journalist to handle!)

Found by Adyna Maria.

Some beautiful photos of Lesley-Anne Down

Lesley-Anne recently removed her Facebook, it's not gone forever... she will proberly be back, i'm sure, going through a loss like that is very hard, i think she loves the kind words from all her fans, but feels like being alone for a while, keep support her, but respect that she want's some time of her own to grief, the death of Libby Lou! Hopefully Libby will find her way back home, but she has been gone for a long time! Still don't know more details about this...Lesley-Anne will go out herself with the facts when she is ready! Even if i did knew anything about this Gea and Lesley-Anne is those who will tell us about it..

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