Lesley-Anne Down in old horror "Nomads" with Pierce Brosnan!

All these photos are amazing and great quality! it's from the movie Nomads, a old "horror" not that scary! it's more about the people that are called "nomads" they do exsist in real life! here is a trailer of the film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2USf4tJEbhM Lesley-Anne get's attacked by Pierece Brosnan in the hospital and then have to relive everything he has been through cuz of the words he whispers in her ears before he dies!!

Lesley-Anne Down caught with no makeup! still as beautiful!!!

Lesley-Anne Down shopping in Malibu, papparazzies around the corner when the actress walked out from one of the shops! lovely photos of the great actress!

Magasine with Liz Taylor & Lesley-Anne Down ebay!

New magazine available for purchase on ebay with Liz Taylor and Lesley-Anne Down, who was very close friends!

LesleyAnneDown and Gregory Fawcett on set of "Of god and kings"

LesleyAnneDown and Gregory Fawcett on set of "Of god and kings"

Have a fab weekend everyone!

Twittpic by Gea!

Hello! Blog will return soon!

Hello blog is not down, but i'm taking intensive course for the driving test/license! That's why i'm so off and not bloging! will soon update, not so much news from LADworld to share tho!

I won the dress of Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) Our superlady of B&B

Sooo happy!!!

Lesley-Anne Down is done filming Of God And Kings!

Lesley-Anne Down! Articles

Lesley-Anne Down is so sweet to me and all fans ALL the time<3

Also yesterday she responded to me about hat's, she really love hat's, like i do!

Tweetpic by Gea! Article from TV Soap!

Have a beautiful easter ♥ AMAZING and HUGE photos up!

Happy Easter everyone! ♥

Happy Easter LADy!
All the photos are amazing, she is soo amazing and beautiful!

From LADs twitter! :D

"Back in the costume lots of lovely horses 2day. Hot poor things wish I was skiing0 xoxo"

New photos from ebay!

Hello everyone!

A friend of mine from Skåne was to Stockholm over the weekend! Have traveled by bus through half of Sweden, it feels like, we have shown him around everywhere! and had not slept for many hours at all since we been at it every day! We had a great time, now it's back to reality! I work night all week! Hope everyone out there has that wonderful, please write E-mail and wish images, my archives are very large, not the size of GEA (Runner of LesleyAnneDown.com), but big!!! My e-mail Rebecca__91@hotmail.com

New photo from LADS twitter! Miss you all!

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