Send all your support to Lesley-Anne!

Send all your support to Lesley-Anne! Somthing is not right, we will all know more soon! Just support her so much you can! We all hope it's nothing to serious! The tweet about Lesley-Anne came from Gea this morning!

Here are totally amazing photos found by Deborah, i've seen some of them but not all of them, and exspceially not with this amazing size, a huge thank you Deborah! The photos are all stunning and gorgoues! Lesley, you have my support forever through everything! Love and hugs!

I'm sick watching Sunset Beach!

Hello how are you all? I'm fine except that i woke up sick this morning! Hate it cuz i will work the whole weekend and next week! Anyway i'm watching Sunset Beach with our shinning star Lesley-Anne Down, i'm where she's been in a caraccident with Catling, i'm rewatching the whole show! Gea and Lesley are working on the newsletter!

Sunset Beach, Olivia Richards

Love this photo, thank you Vali!

She is beautiful!!

07 jul 1980
Lesley-Anne Down, British model and actress (for the book 'Lichfield - The Most Beautiful Women'), 7th July 1980. (Photo by Lichfield/Getty Images)

New photos found by Vali:

Thank you Vali you are the best!

Blog is back!

Hello everyone the blog is back! but since i now have much going on it might take several days between every update!

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