Lesley-Anne Down has a new film coming up!

"Lesley-Anne Down landed a role in a new film. The film is written and directed by Don FauntLeRoy.
Lesley-Anne will be playing Sister Clair. Brandon Beemer has been cast as Father Dumal.

Tobin Bell will play one of the leads.
Title to be announced.
It is a very intense and quite disturbing story. They will start shooting on Monday, June 16, 2014.

The shooting will take place in Los Angeles for 3 weeks.


Tobin Bell is Monsignor
John Savage is Joseph
Mary Mouser is Michelle
Randy Shelly is Stephan
Zen Gesner is Stephan's Dad
Adrienne Barbeau is Rosemary
Elimu Nelson is Randy
Alisha Boe is Alexa"


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