My beautiful swedish article about Lesley-Anne and the rest of the cast of North and South

This is a article from "Frida" I's about the beautiful girls from "North and South" by John Jake, the famous mini-serie that got famous all around the world when it first appeared on television... I love this article, it's amazing reading and amazing photos of all the great actresses! Sadly it's much gossip about Lesley-Anne Down taking drugs, having lot's of sex, and being wild and a terrible wife... Well the things you heard about her might be true.. but then again, it could be as fake as the bitch who told you... Anyway i really hope you all enjoy these photos, because i'm the only one having them! i have the 2 and only ones... I thought sharing was a nice thing to do, for all the wonderful fans!..  It's from a swedish magasine ....

My favourite cover! I so want that magasine!!!

New items avaible on ebay!

Still praying for Libby Lou to return to Lesley-Anne! This is so TRADGIC!!!

My deepest thoughts and prayers goes to Lesley-Anne! I feel depressed to not being able to comfort her in this very hard situation! Just the thought of losing my own dog Ginny makes me cry!


Some articles!

Libby is missing!

Prayers and thoughts are with Lesley-Anne and her family!!!
Her sweet and dearest Doggie Libby is missing! Can't even think of the feeling she and George must be feeling right now! This is sooooooo tradgic, im speacless! All my thoughs and prayers will be with Lesley-Anne and her family in this difficult crisis! I really hope she is okey and that she will find her way back home! I beg all the fans to just support Lesley-Anne this week in this difficult day! I just had to show you all the tweet so she and her family can get all support that they need!!!!

Amazing pics of Lesley-Anne Down, love the size of them!

They are amazing all of them, hope u all enjoyed them! I love all of them, but the last one is one of the greatest! ♥

Trying to get the blogbanner back this week so the blog can have real comeback!

Still need to get all the visitors back after the looooooong break!

Rosewood Lane Premiere today!

New pics discovered by Vali

Lovely new pics, thank you Vali!

Busy life

Hello everyone, i got a job so have been working on a hospital latly and tried to learn how to work there, it was so much info, had to listen to a introduction all day long, will try be more active soon, so sorry for delay!!!
Here is both trailers from Lesley-Anne Downs new upcoming movies!

Rosewood Lane:

My Dog's Christmas Miracle:

Premiere soon....!

World premiere this saturday! :D

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