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My ownmade photomix of our lovely LADY!

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A Little Night Music 1977 - Diana Rigg, Lesley Anne-Down

A Little Night Music 1977 - Diana Rigg, Lesley Anne-Down! Also my friend Deborah found out today that LAD migh have a new film coming up! This is not releaved news yet from the actress! IMBD u are way aaaaaaaaaaaaafter!!!!!!!! lol!! 

Lesley-Anne Down 4 Fan Club!

Sunset Beach!

Lot's of people are asking for more Sunset Beach photos up on the blog, here is some more photos and more to come.. Have the most beauitful weekend!
More will come....

Sunse Beach! Best daytime soap of 1990's!


George Graduating!

AMAZING PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always been a fan of this magasine and wanted 4ever 2 see the aricles in it but never have, and today they was released and im so happy they was big at the realease, hope u enjoy them as much as me, our LADy LAD loooks suuuuupercooool as always!!! LOVE THE COVER and the dress she is wearing and the makeup and hair is PERFECT!!!!

The great train robbery with Sean Connery & Donald Sutherland!

Hello huns! blog is back, i got the time 4 it again!

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