Merry Christmas for gods sake!!! =D

I just logged in to wish all of my blogvisitors and friends a very Merry Christmas!!! Thankxs for being stuck with me here, i can't even tell you in words how much that means to me, i wish i will spend more time here after Christmas wich have taken a lot's of my time latly! Have a great evening :D

This is a very, very, very,very, very beatiful pic :D im so crazy about it could die to just meet the one whi made it!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!


Quote from LAD about the pic ;) At morrels with @brandonbeemer he took the Pic. Celebrating the shows 6000th episoDe.

HEllO, What a beautiful day!!

I made this beautiful banner what U think?

 Beautiful as always ♥


I HAVE NEVER EVER SEEN SO MANY BEAUTIFUL STUFS ON EBAY FOR SALE AS IT IS RIGHT NOW WIT LESLEY-ANNE DOWN, AND ALL ITEMS SHOW UPS WHEN I HAVE NO MONEY :O IM SO, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SAD!!!!!!! I WANT TO BUY MANY OF THOSE I WILL NOW SHOW :D:D:D aLL THESE ITEMS ARE NEW ON EBAY AND ALSO SOME OF THE PICS IN THE ARTICLES ARE KIND OF NEW TO ME, SOME OF THEM I HAVE SEEN BEFORE... so fans please e-mail me and let me know what you think of this blog and how life is going in your country! i'll read and answer all of them <333 what would you do if i shut the blog down??? its very important you read and answer.... how important is it for you; that i keep the blog??? i want to know how you all feel abOut this and if noone would cared if i shut it down or if you would be very sad????
your thoughts counts!!!! remeber that!!! and what kind of pics would you like more of??? COMMENT OR LEAVE e-mail  or put me on facebook just use the e-mail addres in search at facebook ;););) if noone answer this  blog might not be forever ;)I REALLY NEED TO KNOW IF IT's IMPORTANT FOR YOU GUYS ;D;D;D ALSO HAVE A GREAT EVENING!!!!thIS ARTICLE IS AMAZING!!!! and THE MIDDLEPIC IS TOTALLY NEEEEEEEW!!!thIS COVER IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!! ANYONE THAT WOULD LIKE TO BID THIS FOR ME HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A COVER XDXDXD HAHA. LESLEY-ANNE DOWN IS GORGOUS!!!


IS there anyone out there that can buy me a christmasgift??? I would kiss and hug you all day if you bid on this item for me on EBAY, i can do something for U one day in giving backtime :) PLEASE BUy this for me im not a member of that site :I(::( =(=(=(

SOMEONE who wants to bid this for me as a Christmas gift ;??? (a) (a)

PLEASE :D:D:D:D (A)(ASOMEONE who wants to bid this for me as a Christmas gift ;??? (a) (a) (A)

ned-Lesley-Anne-Down-/290509563140?pt=US_CSA_WC_Shirts_Tops&hash=item43a3b82504)(A))(A NEW PICS OF LAD BY THE WAY FROM EBAY.

PLease let me know by comments, e-mail or facebook :)

or just here and comment and give me e-mail

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