I'm having lot's of headache!

Hello guys! life have been good latlya lot's of great stufs happend to me in life, great new job, drivinglicence made, and i'm now alloud to drive a car on my own lol! how have you all been? miss you all!

But my life have been so stressful and have been soooooo superbusy! LAD too have been busy hardly any tweetupdates At ALL! We all do MISS HER VERY much!!! I have no news From LADworld to share only some great photos from different sites!

Anyway my pain in head is coming some hours a day, this headache is very, very strong so strong it tears my eyes even tho i try not to..thought it was finally gone but no, i will call the doctor soon and talk about it! told a nurse about my situation she told me to go see my head again, they did tell me when i was through that accident that i should after a year come back if it wasn't better and on sunday it was ecaxtly a year since this happend! want to get rid of the headache so i can live happy each day at least try to lol, will make a update now cuz of the great veiws i had on the internet with LAD, i'm sure you have all seen it tho! Blog will keep be down for a while sorry!! This was just a quick update!

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Me found!


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