Have a fab sunday!

I have no new photos to bring! Gea sent Lesley-Anne the fan club journal so we have something to look forward too in some weeks or months! I forgot to send out my thoughts here on the blog for one of the greatest person ive ever got to know thorugh Lesley-Anne, his name was Trevor Malcolm Poutsmout, he was a lovely, dear friend to soo many, even well known by LAD since he was in her fanclub and everything! He always put a smile on everybodys face and last year i found a note on his wall on facebook telling that he has suddently passed away, nobody knows what happend! it was incredible sad moment for most of us, he wasn't on twitter so many may not even know who he was, he only had FB, but he cared more for us all than himself and he also post lots of post on Lesley-Annes personal website thorugh forum and chatposts....And i was pleased to read a thought from LAD to him on his birthday that was 3 may! Happy birthday Trevor!!!!!
Here is the latest twitterupdates by Lesley-Anne herself, for those of you who don't have twitter to follow her news:


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