Happy Birthday Lesley-Anne Down! 60 years today!

Happy birthday Lesley-Anne Down!!! 
My friend Aleksandra came up with the idea to create a suprisevideo for Lesley-Anne Downs 60thbirthday, we both love creating and we adore Lesley-Anne so Alexandra let me join her idea, and we together made LAD a suprisevideo including all of her closest fans&friends! We been working on the video for weeks, hope you all like it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY gorgoues LADy!!!
A huge thank you for all of you who took ur time to send Alexandra and me ur photos and greetings! We love you all!!!!!!

Lesley-Annes reply thru twitter @LesleyAnneDown to this video:

Lesley-Annes personal message by email thru Gea to us printed from LesleyAnneDown.com to video:
Here is link to our suprisevideo for Lesley-Anne Down

And don't forget to visit her official webpage run by Gea it's with new lovely layout! Really adorable as always, but its still under reconstruction, not finished yet!! http://lesleyannedown.com/


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