Will write more and be more active someday sooner sorry for my awayness or what to call it xD
Thank you Joseph Pararea :D i found this on his FB and it was beautiful so he got pics i dont have congrats to him ;)

NEW found pics :) have deleted half of them with respect for the star :)

NEW Pics :D Guinnes World Record!



Pics from Lesley-Annes BreakThrough Upstairs Downstairs

More pics will come but i REALLY ner
ed to go to bed now!!!


Now to then :D

From this Young beautiful and sexy lady to this older incredible beautiful Woman :D
Lesley-Anne Down was Beautiful and still are :) Anyone would kill for a loook like that. But she dosn't just got the look, she got the big talent too of course so for those of you that still haven't seen a movie with the great and big actress it's on time to see one she have done lots of ones

The Bold & The Beautiful in the Guinness Book of World Records


Im so very sorry for not spending so much time here on my blog like i used to, still have so much going on in life :) and i can see that the visitors have sinked very much since i stoped updating hope i will get more time soon and that the visitors start to grow again :)

A new cute pic of the amazing actress Lesley-Anne Down :D




We all had a nice chat with Lesley-Anne Down this evening in Sweden the time was 19:00-20:00 and i almost got every question answered by her. she was so lovely thank you all for joining the chat :D



The first one is a beautiful banner that Jordan also made, i published this now here because i really love this one :D it's the magazines i put into one pic. The magasine where it says Frida that one is lovely i got that one from a great store me and my sister are totally crazy about, they sell out old magasines from everywhere and that's why im able to find pics of Lesley-Anne Down at all, because these days sweden suck like hell on the publication with LAD. so i look for old ones, because she was much more in the magasines back in time :) 

Thank you very much Jordan for your beautiful banners, you are the greatest!

The banners are amazing :O


I have not had the chance to be connected to internet at all have just been on my studenthome and cleaning because this week i move out from there because it is holidays in about a week. In the weekend there is this chat with Lesley Anne Down that all of us fans has been looking forward for i hope the chat goes well and that almost everyone get their answers from LAD right there and not after. In the weekend also i will publish lots of pics some news but mostly old ones that i have seen but you maybe not have seen take care everyone and SEE YA in the chat


This holidayweek has been so busy, and hectic.for that im sorry, have never been such bad of updating my blog, i apologize very deep. I'll try next weekend, and of course when im online in school and i'll see some new pics, i publish them,. but my own i'll publis later tonight or the next weekend, mabye both :)

Totally new pics :D

There is not so much new pics of Miss Down latly, sorry, but i have looked very much!

So... i'll give you some oldies again :)
i think we go for some moviepics :)

Here you have pics from the movei Schalwag :)

Im SorrY!!!!!

Im so sorry, for not updating this site as much as i used and should, it's just a lots of things going on in lfie right now, and not so much leftmtimes over for this. but will be better at this blog i promisse! HOW are you? im kind of fine. here is some new pics, i ahev seen it before but well maybe you have not.


There is no new pics, im sorry guys so i give you soem oldies, oldies are always nice to ;)

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