New pics! will upload the others later! and give u detailupdates

New pic from Website

Im sick but could'nt wait to publish the new pic, i have pics from Vali and other fans that will be up soon also more info to join Ronn and LAD fanclubs....


Im sick....

Join the DevRonn fanclub Get a very cool Mouse Pad before December ends!!!!

Join the DevRonn fanclub Get a very cool Mouse Pad before December ends!!!! get lots of GREAT photos, letters and personal stufs the Internet can't give.... More info check out the link: At To get directly help and info to join wich is much easier than it might sound, just write to Gea Vermeulen: She owns the club and will help you through it!

This is the Mouse Pad you will get if you join before December ends! It's very, very nice! every fan got very happy for it when it arrived... I have a mouse pad with Lesley-Anne Down and it's soo great and beautiful and with that beautiful autographs...

This is the very great photos, letters, birthdaycars, and much, much more that you also will recevice if you join, along with the Mouse Pad...

This is a very beautiful photo you get if you recruite a new member!

If something is less clear or so just ask me for help or

Just remember you wont regret joining at all, the only thing you will regret are all of these wonderful stufs you miss while not beeing a member! i know all about that, missed the first year of "The offical Lesley-Anne Down Fan Club" Was so sad!

I will update later in the weekend!

I see the visitors are getting more again, almost every one semed to give up on my blog since i was away for that long, only 4 was sticking in the end! So i will have to tell everyone about this blog again so all 30 000 beautiful will return to my blog!

I will update later in the weekend!

I see the visitors are getting more again, almost every one semed to give up on my blog since i was away for that long, only 4 was sticking in the end! So i will have to tell everyone about this blog again so all 30 000 beautiful will return to my blog!

Receviced Letter from Fan Club!

I got my mails from Lesley-Anne Down fan club yesterday! Here is a pic of the wonderful Mouse Pad that i receviced! It's a bad pic of it, but i can make sure that it was sooooooo lovely! An much nicer colours in real! Beautiful, and i love that she signed it! If you wanna get a mouse pad Feel free to E-mail me on I help you get one!!! you wont regret it! It's not exspensive at all either if the prize worries you!

Or you can connect with me on Twitter RebeccaJohansso  or Facebook!/profile.php?id=100000206547142

As i said the coulours are bad at this pic, it's much nicer in real life, my phonecamera suxs!

With this mousepad you don't ever have to look at the boring mouse pad you used to have on your desk! ;)

Join fan club and get signed Mouse Pad By Lesley-Anne Down

Join the Official Fan Club you will get a Lesley-Anne Down mouse pad. This Offer is for every new membership before 2011 ends! For more info click on link and read more info! You wont regret it at all!
My mouse pad is on the way, can't wait to get it!
  "Offer through 2011"

So beautiful!

Here is a new twittpic from Gea of Lesley-Anne And Gea having fun outside! Love it!!

Love to you all!

NEW pics from Gathering 2011 and Pics from Geas twitter that i love!

Here are 2 pics of Gea and Lesley-Anne Down, both are just gorgoues! can't wait to meet both of them one day! To join Lesley-Anne Downs fanclub visit this site! You wont regret it at all!!!

Gathering 2011 from website, the gathering that i could'nt attend, hope to be able to attend next time!
Have been really, really sad for this!!!!

Have more pics to share later from fans like Vali and Jessie, Adyna, Karo and Celine, thanks for all support!


Sorry I could not update as much as I had planned to do this week on the blog, has worked both nights and days ... Has help my mom, she has done so much to me that this is the least I could do for her , Trying to update more this weekend or later, must sleep on time is left over after the job passes .... Stay in touch!
Well here is a banner made ​​some years ago for the begin of the blog!

Will try to put up lots of pics tomorrow!

See ya!

Some pics!

Hello fans to LAD and this blog! The blog is now officially BACK!!!

Hi fans! Im very happy to share the news that the blog is now back! I will continue update as much as i can, but my life is very hectic right now! I try to find jobs allt the time, and i was in a accident for a while ago...

it was late at night was out with my friends, then I went a bit lonely, a guy ran towards me and pressed me against the ground on the go, he had to much alcohol i think... I was unconscious for several minutes, then woke up with him over me and blood everywhere.. The ambulance had to get me to the hospital i was like bleeding like a pig, looked like halloween xD
i got severe concussion and many problems with it. I hurt my back and head, every since the accident that was the 4th june, i have had headache every day, so every day is a fight for me, can't do anything exhausting without getting the big pain in my head!, i hope it goes away, the doctor told me on the pit that it might take a year or more... Were allowed to visit the emergency room several times afterwards for checkups...So now you know my other reason for being away so long, have been in bed for months since that horrible day!

But i can honestly don't let this blog keep wait anymore i miss u all, and all the pics that we share with eachother!
I will keep publish new and old ones!

Also i would like us to make this much bigger, i would like you fans to keep E-mail me of suggestions of pics you would like me to share also i would love if you send me comments here on the blog or to my E-mail, i know this swedish site is difficult for u fans to understand but E-mails are good too and makes me so happy and more happy to keep share. Some fans are already E-mailing me of what they like and i always listen and publish what they like, so anything u want me to show, just e-mail me! Also if you have pics that u made or pics that u like me to share of LAD because u like those pics so much e-mail that to, and i'll put it up on the blog!

Also the blogbanner is still very gone...I'll keep look for a person that will help me get it back, since i forgot how to do it!

Many kisses and hugs!

To connect with me!:!/profile.php?id=100000206547142
Or My E-mail:

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