Sorry for late update.... Lots of new photos to share with all fans!

Covers from

This has always been my very favourite!
Photos from LADs and Geas twitter:
Love this photo of her and doggies! So beautiful and so caring! Love the dogs!

This must be one of the most beatiful photo of Jowen ever!!! They both look sooo amazing, and this is the one time i really adore Lesley in blonde with that awesome clothes, she looks so cool!

That smile is amazing!!!

Of God and kings!

Awesome photo from Ladykillers!

Photoarticle that i ADORE, found by Vali: I would also say she looks amazing in the short one, she is so beautiful, her face, body, everything! She is the best lady ever!

And a end with a photo i totally love and always have adored! Take care everyone, sorry about me not being on twitter for the moment! hope all are great! xoxo

I'm so happy our LADy is accepting films again!

More beautiful covers!

That's all for now! Have a incredible evening! I will study for my driver license now! Really have to be able to drive a car ;)

Some amazing covers!

She looks like a doll on thís magasine!!!!

More covers on the blog will come That's it for today have a great evening! I'm sick mostly resting with my dog!

Amazing photos with Lesley-Anne Down and family

Photos from the amazing show Sunset Beach!

Keep support LAD! She is lovely!

From swedish magasine!

OMG we can't wait to see the new film!!!

Blog is back! But updates may be more less for a while!

Hello everyone the blog is back, since many love this blog so much with all the lovely photos of LesleyAnne i choosen to let the blog continue! But since i have a new job, and lots of things are going on in my personal life at the moment, i need to tell you that the updates may be more less for some days different weeks! So if the updates takes a while you all know why, but the blog is still on for you guys! Also the ones that follows thís blog that i'm friend of on twitter, i miss to tweet much with you but my new job is at some nights wich means i have to sleep at the days, and when i work early morning i have to go and sleep earlie so it's kind of hard right now to find time for twitter when you are online! But i hope we all can chat more soon, i see you all write so much and i feel so outside when i can be online and also join all the talks more often =( ! But i hope you all remembers me lol!

This is from Lesley-Annes new movie Of god and kings! She is sure a beauty and the hair looks brilliant as always!

And a lovely photo from B&B

Happpy Birthday my lovely Lesley-Anne Down!

Happy Bday most Lovely, Talented, Beautiful & Amazing actress I ever known! My wonderful friend & 4ever my LADy LAD LOVE YOU!!! Lesley-Anne Down

Hi! Great news! The blog will be back 20 mars!

Lots of photos will  come...

I couldnt resist update about this news!!! Lesley-Anne will be ina new movie!!!

LesleyAnneDownblog is down!

Lesley-Anne Down blog, my facebook, twitter and E-mail is temporarily down due to personal reasons! You can still follow and still contact me at all of the sites and e-mails but my answers might take a while to come! I don't know for how long maybe only a week maybe two! Love you all! xoxo

Lesley-Anne Down 17 years old!

Hello everyone!

Hope u all had a wonderful weekend! The coming two weeks will be very busy, i have a new job that will steal lots of time, but i will of course try update as much as i can! My new job is at Nobina (buses) in Norrtälje i will fix them before they will be out in traffic! I'm very happy for the job, i like buses! This photo is beautiful don't you think? I made it! Also some new photos found by Vali to enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

Will be away the whole weekend so no updates sorry! Hope u all get a fab weekend!! xoxo I bought his magasine personally signed from LesleyAnne Down from, go look for amazing things in the store!!

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