Last episode on B&B aired last night with Lesley-Anne Down

In America the last episode with Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie) aired! Fans are so sad including me!!! In sweden we have some more episodes with her to enjoy! If you wanna read why it's the LAST with LAD let me know i have details!

Happy Birthday to Gea the runner or LesleyAnneDown.Com!

A very happy birthday to Gea Vermeulen the President of The Official Lesley-Anne Down page and FanClub!

Articles from Australian Soap magasine!

The making of a famous face & a paper doll!

I have this paperdoll with Lesley-Anne Down as Georgina Worsley! Very beautiful!

Lesley-Anne Downs twitteraccount!

I'm back!!!

Hello everyone, thank you all for visiting even tho the blog was down for a week! Now it's back! I just got home, very tired so i will only give you some articles i found through Team_LAD, Vali and Gea before i will go to bed, will tell you more about the trip later next week! Also wow so many are so upset over all the kicks of all great actors from B&B what is going on???? The creator of the show, magasines, the net everyone dealing with this have gotten bunch of complains from all the viewers and fans, their plan was to get more young viewers, what they did was loose all the old... and no new viewers....wich end up in no viewers at all! 4 have been kicked of the show over just 3 weeks?! Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down), Owen (Brandon Beemer), Nick (Jack Wagner), Bridget (Ashley Jones) but she left earlier... why they are kicked read about that earlier on my blog, it's not cuz of their talent! But as so many have said, it's not a problem for Lesley-Anne to join another show, she is very talented and many have asked for her to join their films and soaps, it's Lesley-Anne that has turned the roles down....But now she finally can use her talent into something even better, when she finally has the time to join something new, but one thing for all to remember, NO B&B without Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie) So all LesleyAnneDownfans have just left the show! Bradley Bell you did great huh?
No not at all, have not heard a single fan that likes what B&B did with the four characters, and he will keep kick more, get rid of all the cast and only bring in new boring ones that people don't even care about! Huge talks over the net is on about what show people want LAD to join, i heard Desperate Housewife is the one people want her most on,,,,,,
Hugs to all!

Blog is currently down! Time 4 trip goodbye sweeties!

Time to go...Will visit Uppsala, meet two people that also loves buses like i do, will be fun have only met one of them before! Then i will sleep over at my friends house before we leave tomorrow morning! Hope i have my legs and arms left after the trip!
Anyway i thought i should share some photos since i got tweets and E-mails from fans wishing me to upload a bunch of photos before leaving! Much of them i've shared back in time! Hope u all like them! Byebye! Blog is currently down!

Blog is currently down....

Blog is temporarily closed down .. Will be away next week,probably without internet, I would like to thank all followers for your kind words and your visit! without you, my blog would not exist! I will be back online with photos and stories week 9!
I got tradgic news yesterday that made me shake for hours! My sweet friend gave birth to a beautiful boy three weeks ago, the boy died on Valentineday, every since i heard the news, i have thought about it ever second,,, it's so tradgic can't find words for it! My thoguhts goes to the parents! They have been waiting for this for 9 happy months, it was like the best thing that had ever happen to both of them in a very long time, and then this? 3 weeks is not even a life! So untrue to watch all photos and realize we never had the chance to even see him grow up! I followed the babystroy from begin til end...I have so few friends that have babys so this was kind of the first i was totally involved with! Rest in peace Maxemilland only three weeks old! ='( :'( It was not my baby but the way the whole story went i can't get it out of my head! It makes me so sad, 2 death in one month one left it always comes in three... Anyway i think it's for the best the blog is down for a week i have to feel better again after all tradgic news from everyone latly, i have some very good news too but i share them when i'm better! Have a great time! Will miss you all but one week is not long right? ;) anyway i will be on twitter at nights: @Rebeccajohansso follow me there!

Rest in peace Maxemillian we will miss you!!! And thoughts for L & M!!!

Happy Valentines day to Lesley-Anne Down and all her fans!

This banner is made by me for Don and Lesley-Anne and all her fans! I made it a year ago! Hope you all like it! ♥♥♥ True love! ♥♥♥

And my valentine is as last year spent all alone at home! :'( I'm so sad....No actually i'm not, of course it could have been nice having someone, but i have my dog lol and she is all i need for the moment! ♥♥♥ My dearest Ginny! ♥♥♥

Lesley-Anne Down rocks! but all her fans are so amazing for their hard work and support for the actress day in, day out, so i want to wish all my LADfriends the very best valentine! ♥♥♥ Love you all and of course our LADy, did you hear she can now join whatever show she want's on television, just keep write to every show you want LAD in and then we will see... I would LOVE, FREAKING LOVE her to join Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewifes! ;D

R.I.P Whitney Huoston! All my thoughts 2 her family and friends!

The first thing in the morning was the tradgic devastating news about our lovely Whintey Huoston and for me it feels even more close since mother and i some years ago was going to see her live but never did something came up!! Will miss her!


Hello everyone, the LesleyAnneDownblogg takes weekend! Have an amazing weekend! I will go to Gävle through Uppsala tomorrow and proberly be there all weekend! Shall i take my helmet with?! No lot's of fun this weekend tooo! Last time i had an amazing time on a cruise with my friends!

Godnight everyone! And for all fans a totally amazing photo of LAD! Love every photo from this session every since it first appeared in a swedish magasine on LADS 50-birthday

My very first autograph!

I have a little story about this sweet and amazingly beautiful photo of Lesley-Anne Down....
I mailed an address with Lesley-Anne i found on the internet when i was very little, wrote so many letters but never receviced anything back! Until one day, when mum said:
- Rebecca, you have a letter from Lesley-Anne Down....
I was like OMG, you are lying!!! But when i came home i had a letter from Lesley-Anne, of course it was allready opend because my family couldn't keep their hands of it when they saw the address it came from lol! Anyway i opend the letter and got this lovely photo, i saw it was black and white but said like 100 times to myself, this is a true autograph, my mind wanted it so badly to be real! But then one week went and i got two more letters from Lesley-Anne and it was two more of this photo and they all was ecaxtly the same...they were all copys from the real....I was happy for the photos cuz at the time i didn't own any photo at all or autograph from her! Until one day when i was much older i joined Lesley-Anne Down Fan Club and got real photos with real autographs! WOW they were all different and so much more real, but i love all my photos with LAD even those here, actually this photo is one of the most beautiful i've ever own!! Her hair iS perfect and she looks amazing!

Stockholmtour today!!

Hi all, today we went to Natural History National Museum in Stockholm with Väddö college! We looked at several exhibitions of animals, body, man and various natural! Body exhibit is my favorite, you walk through a big mouth on a man and then you come to mass body parts with fun games and exercises, you can take blood pressure, you get to test witness an assault, and then testify, then you get to test your hearing, smell, sight and touch, so cool all, and I love the body and such, they had a big heart who was in the room very cool!! have been there when I was little and have missed it and today i finally saw the room again!!! they also have a small dark room that you go through without see something and feel the walls of different things, i have never been afraid walking thorugh that room or been firghtned to the things i feel on the wall, but today, my mind shocked me a bit...I've been scared since an incident I experienced outdoors in the dark, so even though I already knew about the room and there was nothing scary in there so congealed blood of horror and I panicked to be in there and felt like an eternity to come out....even if it only took a minute to get out of there... I must face my fear of darkness and what may be in it .... SHall i see a shrink for that lol?

Anyway now i'm back home and the dog is watching every move i take, dreaming of attention from me, so tomorrow i will be with her the whole day when i'm home off from study! also i will go and swim!

News about Lesley-Anne Down: i don't have any...Keep support her that's all i have to say! Keep join my group u can find the link earlier on the blog and sign the petition and go visit for more info how to help us save LAD from this! Lesley-Anne Down is so sweet to all her fans! if there was a prize for best caring actress she would definitly win it!!!

I was suppose to Watch Rosewood Lane now that my brother gave me but i see it in the morning instead, to tired!

Some new photos of our LAD:


1981 Press Photo Actress Lesley-Anne Down & Actor Bruce Robinson


Lesley-Anne has so many fans through B&B so let's share some BBpics...

The lost characters... =(

Goodnight everyone more from The Bold And The Beautiful will come tomorrow, have to go to sleep now, early morning tomorrow to Stockholm with Väddö Folkhögskola! We will watch a movie and and watch a lot of exhibitions at the museum! Will be fun i think... I have not done so much today! Goodnight!

I'm so down today!

I'm sad can't tell u what it is, but i'm very sad! Had a great day but at the end horrible news came to me, but that's all i can say! How has your day been? I went to Uppsala today for job and a meet with my friend! Had a great time! also my favouritebus came that i have been running for the whole summer lol! Very cold in sweden still, but Uppsala did now have as much snow as Norrtälje, looked like summer with coldness in Uppsala! WEIRD! Now i am going to sleep or something take care everyone! Also this is one of my bad days again with the headache from accident, i always knows when it's from the accident, it's way much stronger than the usual!

Some Articles for you to read...This two articles have ALWAYS been my favourites!

OMG i'm the winner of this weekends giveaway North & South Book 2

Is'nt this perfect the same week as my birhtday i win this lovely show by John Jakes "North And South" Thank You Team_LAD! And when i mention Team_LAD i want to ask you all to follow TEAM_LAD on twitter to support Lesley-Anne Down! We all wants to belong!! Follow RebeccaJohansso (me) and Team_LAD on twitter!

I think this week is just great!
* On my birthday Lesley-Anne wrote me, she really cares for everyone of her fans!

* And then i got the news i'm one of the 5 winner of the contest by Lesley&Gea for signed photo after describing the best scene from The Bold And The Beautiful, wonder who the other lucky winners are... Gosh i'm so happy that i won that conest!!!

* Then i also got my birthdaycard from Gea & Lesley-Anne Down with the winningphoto! So beautiful birthdaycard as ALWAYS!!! Join Lesley-Anne Down Fan Club!!! For info contact me... and i LOVED the winningphoto!!

* And yesterday i won North and South Book 2, last weeks giveaway thorugh Team_LAD! Lovely! 

I think in my "LesleyAnneDownWorld" i could not have had a better birthdayweek lol! =D

Goodmorning everyone!

How has the weekend been so far? I must say i have had a lovely weekend as far...My parents are away and all my sisters and brothers are home and they all have one friend over here or boyfriend, and we have been watching movies, talking and laughing all weekend together in the livingroom, so cosy!!! and my sister has been making beautiful and tasty dinnes everyday now...The only one withouth a friend invited is me but on the other hand i felt like being alone with the pets! Did u know i'm babysitting for a dwarf hamster this weekend haha, my sister had one over here and she wrote to me: I have a friend for you to babysitt this weekend lol! She knows im such a petlover hah! Yeah and yesterday we was out for drinks and a bit of party but the coldness outside was HORRIBLE, we had -22 degrees totally crazy!!! I almost felt like i was frezzing to death, was so cosy to be back home and get into bed! I'm sorting out the maps with Lesley-Anne Down from my computer so in future a lots of oldies will show up on the blog that may not exsist anymore on the internet...
Love you all, and i really love all sweet comments, tweets, E-mails and Fbmessages i get about how much apprecieated this blog is, it makes the work on it sooo soo fun! xoxo

Jackie and Owens goodbye...

I never, ever saw this clip, no one ever gave it to me lol, asked around, but now i have and it's so sad! is anything harder than goodbyes? I love the scene where Owen remembers the moments they shared together....with the sad but beautiful music.....its beautiful but tradgic!!! A beautiful goodbye!


Bring Lesley-Anne Down, Jack Wagner, Brandon Beemer back 2 the show!!!

I wanna thank you ALL for the sweetest birthdaymessages! MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had a kind of boring birthday if i shall be honest, but the party will come later with bigger cake and more people, all were so busy on my birhtday it was hard to even try make it great! will let you all hear about that when it's near! Looking forward for the real birthdayparty! ;D
Also Lesley-Anne Down wrote Happy Birhtday to me, she really is the sweetest! Keep support her the best you can, she really needs all support she can get right now, they kicked the whole family "Marones" on The Bold And The beautiful to hire younger characters, they think more young viewers will come, they are wrong, Bradley Bell is WRONG, they will loose all old viewers and not get new, you see we from 1900 we like action in doing not talking, thats what Bradley Bell forgot to think about! also more BBcharacters will keep get fired all to get new viewers, doesn't matter if the older characters and actors/actresses are the most famous or talented they have to kick them anyway to get younger viewers! Jack Wagner, Lesley-Anne Down, Ashley Jones and Brandom Beemer they were all GREAT and very appreciated by all the fans and BB but BB still thinks that if they fire those and get young new, it will get even more popular hahaha! Makes me wanna laugh a bit....why was BB in Guines World Record book when they had all those actors still in the show? BECAUSE THEY WERE GREAT!!! people wanted to watch, Now they will loose all their oldies day after day, year after year!
Keep join my group on fb:!/groups/168972716544727/
And sign the petition:
Or write Gea Vermeulen:

The first released clips with Lesley-Anne Down from movie by Victor Salva "Rosewood Lane"

The first ones off contract, more will go soon... Seem like Bradley Bell is going to tear all families apart...But who knows what will happen next...


And here is some amazing photos avaible for purchase ebay!


The one and only Lesley-Anne Down, this is still the most beautiful photo ever taken of LAD in history!

Today it's my birthday!

Today it should be about Lesley-Anne Down, but still it's more about me, because it's my birthday, so please pay some more attention for me lol! x) Thank you all for following, will try update more soon!
I hope for a great birthday with my family and friends and of course all my pets! Love you!

My friend Jordon made this for me a couple of years ago, love it!

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