Back from LA!!!! Sorry for no updates!

Hello everybody!!!
LA was fantastic, i had a blast! i never got to meet lovely Lesley.Anne Down im sad for it, but new chanses in future will come im sure of that! I didnt get to meet my norwayfriend Tom-Erik either, and neither of the Sunset Beachcast, they all got busy! but i did get to meet cast from B&B photos will come with another post later on!
There's been a delay on this blog, on our trip we cudnt update u from LA wi-fie was broken, and now so much going on in life its sooo hard finding time, im deeply sorry!
Here is the latest LADtwitterpost & some new "old" photos of LAD as well, is under reconstrucktion on a new website so the old one will still be avaible! "So sorry for your kitty xoxo" well we had the devastatiing day before i went to LA, our cat got hitten by a car, it was hard on us all, we thought she wudnt make it, but she did, and then we thought it was to much damage to save her but they did find hope and now she is still recovering after surgury, we will in a month get to know if the healing went the right direction or if it has recovered wrong in that case we have to take her down, its not a life for her! So we r still praying for her! And mum got so happy in her sadness when she got some support from California she wrote that on fb haha so thank you Lesley-Anne we both got happy! being there for eachother in our happy times and sad times are important! I will make an post about LA when im having more time and the mood! not as much to tell when meet with our lady got cancelled but i will tell you some cuz we had a blast and it was sure nice to meet her COactors from The bold and the beautiful tho i feel like all the old ones i saw as child is gone and now totally gone after Jackie & Owen left show!
Well it turned out i cudnt find the photos i was going to post so they come also another day ! ''
Happy week!

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