I'm having lot's of headache!

Hello guys! life have been good latlya lot's of great stufs happend to me in life, great new job, drivinglicence made, and i'm now alloud to drive a car on my own lol! how have you all been? miss you all!

But my life have been so stressful and have been soooooo superbusy! LAD too have been busy hardly any tweetupdates At ALL! We all do MISS HER VERY much!!! I have no news From LADworld to share only some great photos from different sites!

Anyway my pain in head is coming some hours a day, this headache is very, very strong so strong it tears my eyes even tho i try not to..thought it was finally gone but no, i will call the doctor soon and talk about it! told a nurse about my situation she told me to go see my head again, they did tell me when i was through that accident that i should after a year come back if it wasn't better and on sunday it was ecaxtly a year since this happend! want to get rid of the headache so i can live happy each day at least try to lol, will make a update now cuz of the great veiws i had on the internet with LAD, i'm sure you have all seen it tho! Blog will keep be down for a while sorry!! This was just a quick update!

Uploaded by Gea from Website

Me found!

I have some bad news!

The blog is closed for some weeks! Sorry about that! i will update on twitter or here when it's back! hope everyone will have a fab time when i'm away! Keep support LAD and keep send it photos u would like up on the blog!


Hiya!!! LADy in a swedish magasine lol! :D

Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there!

Happy mothers day to Lesley-Anne Down, Hope she will have a beautiful day with Don ang George, all my love to my own mother Ann-Charlott that means so much to me and i hope that the mothers of everyone out there are feeling great! have a beautiful day everyone and don't forget to hug ur mother and be happy for still having her in your life! And for everyone that has lost their mothers due to disease, accident or fight! all my support!


Hannover street!

Upstairs Downstairs

Have always loved these two photos!

Her hair and outfit is amazing don't you think?

hope all is great!

Have a great saturday!

Had a phonechat with Lesley-Anne & Brandon Beemer this night!

Hello everybody! i'm happy to have some time over to blog about the amazing night i had! I know all of us have been up to listen to the show of Lesley-Anne and we all had a great time when we heard all her stories! I've had a very stressful time and a lot to do latley! I've been so tired all the time! but yesterday I was able to exhale a little bit still some samples left to do, studied as much for a month now! and yesterday I was exhausted! But today 3am i would call with the incredible show with Soap Series and Pam Rogers, to talk to LesleyAnne, no sleep for me then was my thought lol! so I slept 3 hours! trimmed before me at all I would say to our beloved Leslie-Anne! since i was seven years I have always looked up to this amazing woman and she has really given us all a chance to be such a big part of her life, Can't believe that I spoke with her yesterday! All the nice things she said about me and everyone else, just wanted to hug her all day!

I went to my computer right away When the show was on! we had huge problems with sound from the show and getting the chat to work, but finally it worked and i was so happy When Pam told me she saw me online! i have been worried for this the whole week That the number, the instant something
would go wrong, when we finally got the sound I heard Lesley and Soap Series talk about me, so cute!!! thanks for all the nice things Lesley-Anne said and SoapSeriess before I even called in! all those wonderful things she said will stay in my heart forever! and i know that she love to follow US ALL that much! all her sweeties from the LADgroup is like her twitterfamily! Loved the beautiful things she said about us all! Evertyhing in the call meant so much to me and i'm sure it meant a lot to others to! Had much i wanted to say to her, but it was hard to come by even some of the things I plan to say, was so overwhelmed and Lesley-Anne and was so sweet and asked questions of us who called in, loved all issues she asked and stories, i will relisten to the whole interview again to hear all the amazing stories Lesley shared with us! you all heard the talk lol! When i
re-listen to the show i realize how hard it was to find the right words for ever anwer of the questions she asked, as i said My talk is short every time she questions me, it's cuz my english is very restricted when i'm nervous and i don't speak english that often, also when she did the questions for me i got lost of everything i had planned to say cuz she asked me instead of me asking her lol, but i loved it and all of her talk!!!! if it would have been Swedish i would have talked as much as her haha, must confess i had a little script from the begin in case i would be to happy to even know what to say, also i had lots of greetings from some others to send her, but time went ticking, i'm more than satisfied i'm happy that i i made it! i know soo many of the fans/friends of her had trouble to call in, that they never got on the line and that the chat stopped to work, but She knows we all love her and tried, so no worries! and i'm sure we all know that allready lol! And i hope for nexxt time that all of those who didn't made it will have the chance to talk to her! Even tho she allready twitter us guys i know we all wants to talk to her to! she love our tweets so much, how amazing that is, so many actors out there that practly don't care at all of the fans just how famous they can become and how much money they can get, well without all the fans they would never be where they are today, i'm glad that the most amazing woman allready knows that and makes the best of her fans!! I made a video with LAD today with the interview of me and her and put it up so you all can hear it (thinking of my swedish friends that never heard it at all), and all of the other LADfriends u all know allready where to find the whole interview!
Some of the things she asked was what i did for living, what my work was, where i lived in Sweden and where she should go if she come visit Sweden and we talked about Gea that we all love, how long in the show The bold and the beautiful was in sweden, we talked about twitter, the other lovely fans, and then the funny thing was that she introduced me to Brandon Beember picthured right below with Lesley! And she was questioning him if he followed me on twitter, and he was like that he have missed it and will go search for me when he has the time! he was funny and i loved when he called in and LAD didn't realize who he was!! Also Lesley was so funny when she told him to say goodbye to me! so cute they are! Then her phone went klicking and my phone to and i dissapeared when Brandon left never got the chance to say goodbye either did Lesley, but i got more than enough time could not ask for more! I really hope to one day be able to meet Lesley and i hope that day it will happen that we all can meet like a group and meet her! Would rock! My video is up on youtube i will link it tomorrow!

Amazing photos with Lesley-Anne and husbund Don Fauntleroy on vacation 2008

Amazing photos with Lesley-Anne and husbund Don Fauntleroy on vacation 2008! Some of the photos are familier and some of them are totally new even to me! Thank you so much Adina for sharing this amazing photos of the couple, photos with her privatly with family is always the best photos! I may not have mentioned it so much but you can always send in photos/links/wishes for photos/videos to my e-mail and i will as soon as i can publish it on the blog! it's fun! my E-mail: Rebecca__91@hotmail.com 

Don't forget to tune in tonight to talk to Lesley-Anne Down

Reminder tonight @TheSoapSeries chat with Lesley at 9pm/EST. Call in and ask a question. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/soapseries/2012/05/10/special-guest-lesley-anne-down

Goodnight everyone!

Donald E Fauntleroy and Lesley-Anne Down at the Golden Globe Award, video found by Debora!

Went out with my doggie for a walk, left a friend at the busstop! Now sleep i really need it for tomorrow! Wishing you all a great new day!


Funny old scene & Lesley stunningly beautiful as 17 in a short interview

Godmorning everyone, this is a huge week! so much will happen!

Here is first a very great short episode with LAD, she should really do more films and series with this kind of acting, she really fits in every act she does! and then the next video Lesley-Anne is ONLY 17 years old in a very short interview, go to 1,54 in the video and LAD will be shown!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SS9NTPJb8M&sns=em such a cute voice and smile!

Tom Way's appearance on "Shivers," a pilot aired as a CBS Summer Playhouse on July 4, 1989. See Tom's giant green hand with gruesome fingernails crash up through the floor to scare the family, and watch his headless torso play poker. About Tom's performance in "Shivers," Variety said, "Tom Way's headless torso is a gem." Pretty cool being known for a role where I had a chromakey blue sock over my head. In fact now, if I go out of the house wearing a bag over my head, people stop me and say, "Hey, aren't you that headless torso guy? Wow, it's amazing to meet you!"

North & South!

Lesley-Anne önskar alla fans god jul 2009!


Bomb in Malibu at Lesley-Annes son Georges school....

Photocontest run by Gea, go see @GeaVermeulen on twitter for info 2 join!

New photos L:s new film "Of god and kings" from LesleyAnneDown.com

Lesley-Anne Down on Life Magasine Cover 1978 Pressphoto!

This is an original press photo. CAPTION: Lesley-Anne Down in LIFE Magazine. - OTHER INFO: Lesley-Anne Down has earned Golden Globe nominations, German Bravo Awards, the British Best Actress Award, The Rose D'or Best Soap Opera Actress award and the covers of numerous publications throughout the world, including Life Magazine. Lesley-Anne was awarded for the 2006 TV Soap Golden Boomerang Award for the most Popular Supporting Female for her role as Jackie on The Bold and The Beautiful. (http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=17422). Photo is dated 6/11/1978, and measures 6.75 x 10 inches.

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