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Hello! I miss this blog, i have not had the time to write anything i have just uploaded pics, School is taking all of my free time right now, and i have had a very ahrd time with the rabbit at home, who began to be very old wich makes the body give up totally, so i have been going with bus the whole week from school to home, and then back again, because i want to keep a close eye on her, if she would start feeling ill... And because of it i got a warning from my studenthome last night by my phone, they told me it was me and my friends "clean"week at the home, and beacuase of the awayness we have had both of us, we got a warning and they told me that if no one of us offer time today and clean, they will hire someone to clean and we will have to pay for it :O so i have to go there and clean after school and will have to take a very, very late bus home wich means i might not even be able to come home the whole way :OBut i will try make it!!! Prepear yourself for a very big and beautiful picthure of Lesley-Anne Down! I just love this pic of Down.  Well i close for now, will try update with text more often too! Take care , also i just wanted to tell you fans how happy i am that you follows me here, but you all suck on comments, i think i deserv some dont you all think??? it's more fun to keep update if i get some warm and wonderful comments from time to time.... ♥ hugs from me to all the fans!
Take care!!! ;D ♥

Sunset Beach, Many fans have asked for SBpics, here U have!

Hope you enjoyed them ♥ I do! I ♥ SB

Im very sad!

We may have to put our rabbit to sleep ='( 
she's very old and tiny/little, it's so sad i was 9 years old when i got her, and now, i think she's not feeling well the way she lives now, she really loves to live, but she has gotten bliind and little and she's so small!
If this will take place you wont hear from me for a while, this is a very hard choise, and i lover her so much!!! It's a choise between having her still here with us just because i love her so much and wants her to die in her home and when the time is in!, or to let her fall to sleep, to stop the suffering ='( I sen't a E-mail to my vet and waits for answer to see her way of it. But i think i will have to let her sleep.. ♥♥♥
Here is Lesley-ANne Downs new profilepic!!!

Hello everyone, sorry for not posting anything!

Im in Enköping right now at a friends house! Have never been here before, but it's nice here. We have had a very good weekend with lots of study and lots of fun! THis time i want us all to pay support for Lesley-Anne She's having a hard time right now, loosing friends are never easy! I hope she will feel better one day, but grief takes time. Here are some new pics, a little to late posted, but have not been here so much latly...

Elisabeth Taylor ♥♥♥ R.I.P, Liz Passed away today, A Legend!!! ♥

The great legend Elizabeth Taylor has died ...
Tragically for us all to such a great legend has limelight .... 

Elizabeth Taylor, one of the 1900s brightest film stars, has died. Taylor is considered one of the last great actors from Hollywood's golden age.

Elizabeth Taylor, died on Wednesday in Los Angeles, 79 years old Cause of death is reported to be heart failure.
During the winter, she has been hospitalized several times due to heart trouble.

Elizabeth Taylor was all it took to be a big movie star in Hollywood in the 1950s - and '60s: big deep purple eyes, raven black hair, a charismatic personality but also acting talent.

As early as age 11, she got her breakthrough as the girl in "Lassie's adventure".

Although she later years was very weak and frail had Elizabeth Taylor humor remained until the very end.
In the last year started a rumor about the actresses who could portray her in an upcoming blockbuster movie, she wrote the acidic micro-blog Twitter: "No one is going to play But Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor herself."

Lesley-Anne Down will always remember your support when life was no longer a bed of roses, and VI ...
will always remember you!

Will always remember your efforts in the North & South and A Little Night Music with Lesley-Anne Down.

♥ ♥ ♥ R.I.P LIZ TAYLOR ♥ ♥ ♥

I know she was loved by many, so the least thing i could do was making a beautiful banner of the great actress here you go....

R.I.P, WE WILL ALWAYS REMEBER YOU LIZ TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Lesley-Annes Twitter a birthdaypic

This is a really lovely pic of LAD, i totally ♥ it!!!

♥ Happy Birthday Lesley-Anne Down ♥

Today it's Lesley-Anne Downs birthday! Wish her a very happy birthday!

My friend, our Own supermoviedramaqueen!

Hi! This is a very hard time, i miss u so much!

SChool takes all of me free time so i think i need to let you know i kind of have a break from here

SChool takes all of me free time so i think i need to let you know i kind of have a break from here IT's just temporarry, and you can keep follow will try uupdate more, but as i said have so much studies right now in school so don't be chocked if the update is bad.


I really love this pic, have never seen the whole pic like this, they have only showed facepic.From Pink Panther* A very funny movie!!!Secret agent! a perfect movie!!!

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